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Visit Ngai Thau, home to the highest cloud village in Vietnam

Ngai Thau is a highland commune in the North of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This place is surrounded by clouds all year round, covering all the fanciful and poetic mountain slopes.

With an altitude of about 2,300m above sea level, Ngai Thau Thuong village in Ngai Thau commune is said to be the highest village in Vietnam, covered with clouds all year round, lying halfway up Ma Cha Va mountain.

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Photo: Nguyen Khai Trung

Ai Thau is located far away Sapa about 70km, about 80km from Lao Cao city, so it is quite convenient for a tourist route. Usually, visitors coming here by motorbike will pass the winding, jagged pass roads with cat ears, small streams murmuring across.

The simple roofs of the Ha Nhi and Mong people are hidden in the morning mist. The scene appears extremely peaceful, making all the fatigue of tourists disappear, the feeling of enjoying relaxing and peaceful moments in the middle of the forest is as beautiful as a picture.

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Photo: Nong Hai

This is the ideal destination for many tourists who love to explore, enjoy watching the majestic unspoiled nature in the midst of immense mountains and forests. Ngai Thau is also an ideal place for young people to come to hunt clouds as well as enjoy the natural beauty.

With the high mountain terrain, the lives of the people here mainly depend on corn and rice crops and mainly goat, pig, chicken and duck breeding. The people here are always proud of Ngai Thau’s heaviest snowfall every winter.

The white clouds of Ngai Thau are most beautiful and especially in the ripe rice season, the terraced fields of Ngai Thau show off their golden colors.

Overcoming the difficult and arduous road to Ngai Thau Thuong, visitors seem to be lost in a peaceful world, completely separate from the hustle and bustle. Seeing old people, young children sitting around on the front porch of the old house, laughing loudly.

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Photo: Nguyen Thanh Tuan

The white clouds gradually fill the valley and cover the trees, creating a fanciful and poetic space. The sea of ​​clouds here is possible all year round due to the high terrain, cold and humid air.

The clouds drifted back to the villages, to the other side of the mountain, like engulfing the houses on the side of the majestic Ma Cha Va mountain. All exist in front of visitors’ eyes, the perfect beauty of the ink painting makes many visitors ecstatic, wanting to watch forever without wanting to return.

Standing in front of the sea of ​​clouds, visitors feel like touching each white cloud that is rarely found anywhere else. Visitors will be able to live in moments of lightheadedness, enjoy the wonderful moments of life.

Visit Ngai Thau, home to the highest cloud village in Vietnam-4
Photo: Meo Hen

For generations, the Mong and Ha Nhi people in Ngai Thau commune have always been sincere, friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable. Ai Thau attracts tourists near and far with the simple and natural beauty of the border area.

With Ngai Thau, everything is still very wild and tourists everywhere just hope this place always keeps what is so pristine. That is the beauty that moves tourists near and far every occasion to come here to explore.

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