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What did the General Department of Customs say about the gift supercar case?

Strengthen the management of imported cars as gifts Actively prevent price frauds for imported cars as gifts and gifts

At the press conference, Mr. Au Anh Tuan, Director of the Customs Supervision and Administration Department, General Department of Customs affirmed that, for cars imported in the form of gifts or presents that the mass media mentioned above: In the past time, the customs authority has carried out the procedures in accordance with current regulations and fully collected all taxes as prescribed. At the same time, the customs authority shall send relevant documents to the domestic tax authority to collect the extraordinary income tax. The number of cars imported as gifts does not cause loss of tax revenue for the State. After reviewing the customs value, the customs authority has increased the revenue by thousands of billion dong compared to the tax declaration price of the enterprise.

Accordingly, Mr. Tran Bang Toan, Deputy Director of the Import-Export Department, said that according to the tax law, for cars imported as gifts, customs declarants must pay all kinds of taxes: Import duties, excise taxes and value added taxes before the goods are cleared; for gift cars, they must pay extra income tax at the domestic tax office.

Through the process of reviewing the customs value of imported cars as gifts and gifts from January 1, 2021 to the end of the first quarter of 2022, in more than 1,013 units, the enterprise declared the taxable value of only VND 3,302 billion. However, according to regulations, the customs authority re-determined the value as VND 4,745 billion, the total difference being VND 1,443 billion to be paid back to the State budget.

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Leaders of functional units of the General Department of Customs chaired the press conference.

According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, in 2016, cars imported in the form of gifts and gifts were 1,064 units; 2017 is 987 pcs; 2018 is 266 pcs; 2019 is 213 pcs; 2020 is 488 pcs; 2021 is 795 units; from January 1, 2022 to May 22, 2022 is 166 units. Total imported cars in the form of gifts from 2016 to now is 3979 units, accounting for 0.85% of the total number of imported cars with 9 seats or less. In particular, these vehicles are all taxed by the customs authority in accordance with regulations, including import tax, excise tax, and value added tax. Accordingly, in 2016, the total tax collected was 2,328 billion VND; 2017 is 298 billion dong; 2018 is 1,053 billion VND; 2019 is 1,874 billion VND; 2020 is 1,765 billion VND; 2021 is 4,132 billion VND. From January 1, 2022 to May 22, 2022 is 1,222 billion VND. Total tax collected in 6 years is 12,644 billion VND.

Before the press’s information about some signs of violations in the import of cars as gifts and gifts, Mr. Au Anh Tuan said that on the basis of information, customs checked and inspected 4 customs departments have a large number of cars imported in the form of gifts or donations. According to the initial inspection results, some signs were detected as reported by the press. Accordingly, when there is an inspection conclusion, the customs authority will coordinate with the relevant authorities to verify.

Regarding the suspicion that the mastermind set up a ghost business, the poor in their name were given a super car, the leader of the Department of Supervision and Management affirmed that he would review and discuss with agencies such as Tax, Public Security, registration. business of the Department of Planning and Investment of the provinces to verify and clarify the issue. The view of the General Department of Customs is to direct the inspection and inspection forces for the import of vehicles as gifts and gifts. If violations are found, they will be strictly handled, not covered.

At the press conference, Mr. Au Anh Tuan also added that the General Department of Customs, the Ministry of Finance is proposing to abrogate the authority on granting licenses to import cars imported for non-commercial purposes according to Circular No. 143. The management and licensing will be returned to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the functions and management competence.

Previously, on May 24, Tien Phong Newspaper published a series of articles “Irregularly donated supercars: Poor households are given supercars” and a reportage clip “Uncovering the line to import super cars as gifts: Mystery “ghost” businesses, reflecting that a series of businesses that import cars as gifts disappear immediately after importing cars, the most unusual thing is that there are 60-70 old people or young people In this regard, the Government Office has just issued Official Letter 3209/VPCP-KTTH conveying the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on the handling of reflected press information. Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai assigned the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Finance to coordinate with relevant agencies to urgently check and verify information reported on “irregular importation of donated supercars”.

According to the General Department of Customs, in the past, through the management and monitoring of imported cars for non-commercial purposes, the General Department of Customs has discovered the main frauds and abuses to import vehicles under the In the form of movable property of repatriated overseas Vietnamese, temporarily imported cars of subjects entitled to privileges and immunities, cars imported as gifts, the General Department of Customs has investigated and handled a number of cases or transfer to competent agencies to handle acts of tax evasion and fraud, and at the same time report to the Ministry of Finance to propose the Government and the Prime Minister to promulgate management policies to ensure the management, avoid take advantage, specifically:

For diplomatic vehicles, the Prime Minister has issued Decisions No. 53/2013/QD-TTg dated September 13, 2013, Decision No. 10/2018/QD-TTg dated March 1, 2018, Decision No. 14 /2021/QD-TTg dated 26/03/2021 thereby restricting the purchase and sale of tax-free quantitative standards for cars.

For repatriated overseas Vietnamese movable property vehicles, all taxes must be paid (not exempt from tax as before), thereby restricting the importation. In recent years, there has been no import by type. This image.

For cars imported as gifts, Circular 143/2015/TT-BTC was issued on September 11, 2015, which stipulates that vehicles imported as gifts must be licensed before carrying out procedures. continue to import and each organization and individual can only import 1 vehicle/year.

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