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Who is Linh Rin?

Recently, Phillip Nguyen – billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen has officially announced that he is getting married to his girlfriend Linh Rin.

The young businessman is not afraid to use “winged” words to talk about his fiancée. Thus, in the near future, Linh Rin will become a proud bride – the sister-in-law of “pearl girl” Tang Thanh Ha. At this time, many viewers are paying attention to the “profile” of the beautiful 9X.

Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Linh Rin – the new proud bride of Vietnamese showbiz

Linh Rin was born in 1993, used to be a hot girl Ha Thanh and a famous photo model in Hanoi, at the same time as Chi Pu, Quynh Anh Shyn or Ha Lade. She has a lovely face, with a loving beauty, easy to cause sympathy for the viewer.

Linh Rin’s name became more widely known when she participated in The Look 2017 program, joined the Miss Pham Huong team. Before that, she also participated in some contests such as Miss Teen 2010, Miss Cuxi 2010, HHT Icon.

Linh Rin had a short artistic career, released a few music videos and acted, but did not resonate. After that, she chose to leave the showbiz world and focus on her education.

Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Young master Phillip Nguyen’s fiancée is said to have intellectual beauty, which both men and women love

Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Phillip Nguyen’s fiancée used to study art abroad at the University of the Arts London (UK). However, meeting and falling in love with the young master of billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen made her turn.

The 9X beauty once shared about her decision to leave school to return to Vietnam to be with her boyfriend: “If I don’t decide to return to Vietnam and follow my heart, I will stay in the UK for another three or four years, but I will fly back to Vietnam three times a year. If I don’t decide to follow my heart and stay in the UK, I’ll still be here now. had to return to Vietnam to freeze for a year or two because of the virus.

Sometimes I find love leads me on the right path, such as going to the school gate holding a file, going to the lobby to greet the teacher and then back to the yard to sit (think a little more). Done leave the biggest question mark that stands out the most on the final list… So let’s just love it.”.

Linh Rin - Tang Thanh Ha's future sister-in-law: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Linh Rin and Phillip Nguyen publicly dated in August 2019. The couple was praised by the online community as a “talented boy and girl” and gave many blessings. The couple’s love story also had a troubled period around the beginning of 2020. However, Linh Rin’s behavior was considered quite clever when she insisted on being secretive, not revealing anything about her life. Personally, I often mention the young master’s boyfriend with information that causes speculation.

Some time later, Linh Rin and Phillip Nguyen reconnected. The “female dongsaeng” couple of Vietnamese businessmen and showbiz are even more attached to each other.

The young master of the trillion-dollar corporation and his hot girl girlfriend are not afraid to show their sweet feelings on social networks, openly pairing up at events. Linh Rin seems to accompany Phillip Nguyen in all activities from work to daily life.

With a background in education and a parallel process, supporting her boyfriend Phillip Nguyen in his work, Linh Rin was recently promoted to the position of Commercial Director of IPP Travel Retail under IPPG Group – a senior management position. high in the family group of Johnathan Hanh Nguyen.

Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a
Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Besides, Linh Rin also has a pretty close relationship with members of the Johnathan family. When she first dated Phillip Nguyen, Linh Rin attended many company events and took pictures with her future parents-in-law, billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen and businessman Thuy Tien. She was not even absent from the gatherings of her boyfriend’s siblings including Stephs Nguyen, Louis Nguyen, Tang Thanh Ha, Tien Nguyen,…

Linh Rin - future sister-in-law of Tang Thanh Ha: Ha Thanh's beauty has a

Before announcing her marriage, Linh Rin took pictures with her future father-in-law like a real bride.

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