Why does Vietnam call on Samsung to invest in a chip factory that doesn’t produce it itself?

In Vietnam, the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry is considered as a foundation to support and promote the development of other industries, contributing to promoting economic development in depth. This is also an area that is being identified by the Government for investment.

Up to now, according to the Vietnam Automation Association, although Vietnamese scientists have successfully researched and designed the chip, so far it is still only on the laboratory scale, there is no manufacturing plant in Vietnam. large scale.

Up to the present time, Vietnam has not really had a factory producing microchips (electronic chips). Chip manufacturing enterprises from abroad investing in Vietnam mostly carry out the main stages of chip design processing or assembly and testing.

In fact, Vietnam’s microchip industry is still far from developed countries. Vietnam can hardly compete with the world’s leading corporations such as Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba… with chip lines that have had many years of development and application in high-end products such as computers. computers, smartphones, smart TVs.

According to The Washington Post, to build a large chip factory requires an investment of several tens of billions of dollars, mainly in specialized equipment. Currently, the three largest chip manufacturers in the world, Intel, Samsung and TSMC (Taiwan) account for the majority of total investment in the world chip manufacturing industry, with each of their factories having more investment. 20 billion USD.

Therefore, to invest in a chip factory requires huge capital. Therefore, Vietnam cannot invest all alone, but needs to call on investors around the world to take advantage of their available advanced technologies.

Accordingly, calling for major chip manufacturers in the world to come to Vietnam to invest in building chip factories will support the chip manufacturing industry in Vietnam. Previously, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc once expressed his wish that South Korean technology giant Samsung invest in the semiconductor field to produce electronic chips in Vietnam to “close the production chain in the field of electricity and electricity. death”.

Samsung is a very bright name, because this group is promoting investment in the chip manufacturing industry. In 2020, Samsung Electronics announced its goal of becoming the world’s No. 1 logic chip manufacturer by 2030, by investing 133 trillion won in the field.

Currently, Vietnam is also very eager to attract investment in the field of chip manufacturing. Up to now, Vietnam has been invested by the US chip manufacturing giant Intel to build a chip factory of more than 1 billion USD in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, Vietnam has also received investment in the chip manufacturing industry from Chip Manufacturer Renesas (Japan), Applied Micro (USA), … but the project scale is still small.

According to Minh Tien

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