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325 million people on the brink of hunger, the world calls for coordination to ensure global food security

Malaysia has banned chicken exports, while India restricts wheat and sugar exports… The rise of food protectionism at this time could lead to further escalation of costs. Securing food supply will be a big concern in the coming time if we don’t focus on increasing production, stabilizing the market and removing food crisis Global.

According to the World Food Program, 2022 is a terrible year for world food, as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict increase poverty and push food prices higher.

David Beasley, Director of the World Food Program, said:There are 325 million people around the world who are approaching the brink of starvation. More than 800 million people go to bed every night on an empty stomach. Famine is hitting 43 countries. And the famine will lead to instability as well as mass migration“.

What needs to be done now is for countries to act together, starting by keeping markets open.

Last week, Indonesia, which supplies 60% of the world’s palm oil, lifted a temporary export ban. The European Union has also offered to assist Ukraine in transporting its grain via rail and road links to ports in Romania or the Baltic Sea while the port of Odessa has not been unblocked.

In addition, priority should be given to emergency grain supplies for the poorest countries. Debt forgiveness can also help free up important resources.

325 million people are on the brink of hunger, the world calls for coordination to ensure global food security - Photo 1.

Currently, 325 million people around the world are on the verge of starvation. (Photo: AP)

Mr. Achim Steiner, Director General of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), commented:Food prices in the world market have risen, hurting the fiscal space, or the ability of governments to raise money. We estimate that about 80 countries are facing the risk of debt this year“.

In addition to the urgent solutions to provide humanitarian assistance to countries with food shortages, restore supply chains and curb the pressure of increasing prices of agricultural products, in the long term, green and sustainable agriculture must be built.

Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Minister, said: “Germany is spending €4 billion related to food security this year. But we also have to look further. The global food crisis will not be resolved overnight. That is why we must focus on all the factors that contribute to hunger. We must solve the climate crisis. We must make farmers less vulnerable to droughts and floods“.

On May 22, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for global action to mitigate the impact of the current food security crisis.

Earlier, the World Bank announced it would spend $12 billion on new projects to respond to the food crisis over the next 15 months. These funds are intended to support agriculture in the most disadvantaged countries, with a particular focus on funding water supply and irrigation projects.

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