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A 10th grader waits for his parents to leave the house just to do this one thing a day

May 27, 2022 07:27 GMT+7

Seeing their children’s learning decline, people are always tired, anorexia, lack of vitality. My parents let me get checked out, but I didn’t get sick and only when I went to a gynecologist did I find out the culprit.

Nguyen Tien A. A 10th grader in Hanoi was taken to a male doctor by his parents because his ‘little boy’ was red, swollen, and painful to urinate. The doctor said that A. had a history of narrowing of the foreskin and caused urethritis due to genital waste.

The doctor invited my parents out to talk to me privately. At that time, Tien A. just admitted that he was addicted to masturbation, masturbating all day without being bored.

Tien A’s house has only 1 bedroom, he always sleeps in the family’s living room. Whenever his parents were away, Tien A. immediately started his masturbation behavior. Looking at the boy’s pale health, his eyes were dull, the doctor also immediately guessed because of too much masturbation.

After being explained by the doctor about the harmful effects of excessive masturbation, Tien A. said he would “quit”.

The case of another male student, his parents took him to the clinic because of fatigue and loss of appetite. Although he is only 17 years old, the male student has 2 years of experience watching adult movies. Because they were alone in a separate room, their parents went to work, so they didn’t notice that their son would masturbate when he was free. The state of male students is at the level of having to masturbate to feel sleepy and sleep.

The boy’s parents see that he is shorter than you, so they think that he is still a child and cannot yet have adult behaviors.

A 10th grader waits for his parents to leave the house just to do this one thing a day
Photo of Dr. Khanh advising patients.

Doctor Nguyen Duy Khanh – Center for Andrology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that he also encountered many cases of male students addicted to masturbation to the point of skipping meals, declining in school, and neglecting other activities. Masturbation is actually not a bad thing, in fact masturbation is very normal. When sexual needs increase, it’s natural to deal with them on their own.

However, according to Dr. Khanh, masturbation too much, several times a day will cause people to fall into a state of psychological stress, lose sleep, always have feelings of fear, insecurity, or irritability. Therefore, people who regularly masturbate may have disturbances in the normal functioning of the nervous system because the excitement center of the brain must always repeat the state of excitement continuously, thereby reducing concentration. work and memory are also significantly reduced.

Too much masturbation also easily leads to sexual deviation, only liking yourself and people of the same sex without caring about the opposite sex.

In addition, Dr. Khanh recommends that masturbation causes more harm than good. Because masturbation causes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, long-term fatigue, low back pain, distraction at work, inability to concentrate in study.

Men with prolonged masturbation cause obstruction of the urinary tract, causing retrograde ejaculation, even bacteria from the outside of the mouth go back in, causing inflammation of the bladder and prostate gland. The masturbator’s body is always tired.

Although masturbation is completely normal in both men and women. However, young people should spend time studying and working, if they focus too much on “sex”, life will be out of balance.

If there are signs of masturbation addiction, here are some tips to help “Adams” stay away from that temptation: Participate in sports activities such as jogging, walking, gym, …

You can spend time with friends, nurture relationships that were previously neglected. You should try your hand at new activities such as practicing sports, traveling… to make yourself busier.

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