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A giant rock shaped like an alien causes fever

May 27, 2022 14:16 GMT+7

A large rock on a farm in Brazil has an alien-like shape that is surprisingly famous, attracting thousands of visitors.

The large rock is located on a remote farm in Roraima, Brazil. Miguel Barreto, the owner of the farm, discovered the rock after a big fire in 2002.

A giant rock shaped like an alien causes fever
The giant rock has a strange shape like an alien causing fever

The huge rock is suddenly famous locally and is growing in popularity for having what many describe as alien-like features.

The rock was approved by the São Luiz Department of Tourism and Environment. Brazil recognized as natural landscape. Many curious tourists flock to see the famous strange rock firsthand and pose for photos.

The rock has a height of more than 6 meters, many cracks, protrusions, like the face of an alien in the classic 1980s film directed by Stephen Spielberg.

The film revolves around a young Californian man who befriends a gentle, intelligent alien, helping him get off Earth for the first time on a spaceship. The film grossed $792.9 million at the box office, which was a coveted big box office figure at the time.

A giant rock shaped like an alien causes fever
Tourists flock to Miguel Barreto’s farm to take pictures by the strange rock

A fire destroyed almost all of Miguel Barreto’s farm in 2002 and spread to the surrounding tree and vegetation area.

He said: “At first I didn’t pay attention to the stone, just focused on the repair after the fire. Then when I look back, I realize the shape of the stone is very similar to the aliens in famous movies.” .

Since then, Miguel Barreto’s rock has been noticed by many locals, and then spread throughout the surrounding area.

Now, this place has become one of the tourist attractions locally and nationally and internationally.

A giant rock shaped like an alien causes fever
Visitors do not have to pay any fees when taking photos by the rock

Visitors come to the farm to see firsthand the strangely shaped stone. Guests do not have to pay any fees to visit the farm.

The rock is so famous that it is said that if you go to São Luiz without visiting the rock, you have not been to São Luiz.

Fábio Wankler, a sedimentary geologist at the Federal University of Roraima, said the rock’s shape was caused by erosion. Some features of the rock are similar to those found in the mountains to the north and south of Roraima.

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