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Better water – A more fulfilling experience: the new benchmark for water purifiers

Not only clean water, but also all-round good water

With increasingly modern technology, water purifiers not only create clean, pure water, ensuring the prevention of diseases related to poor quality water sources, but also create comprehensive healthy water when supplemented with minerals. Substance, Hydrogen…

In the past, users often thought that just boiling water would provide clean water to use, but boiled water will quickly become contaminated again within 2 hours in the outside environment. And yet, users will not be able to control the quality of water if they only see it with the naked eye. Dirty impurities, bacteria, heavy metals… causing diseases of the digestive tract, hepatitis, kidney, even… cancer will not be removed if only boiled.

Better water - A more complete experience: the new standard of water purifiers - Photo 1.

Boiled water is not as clean as we think

Compared with traditional solutions, water purifier has outstanding cleaning function, providing pure water for users to feel secure and healthy.

Powerful filtration system with advanced RO membrane capable of treating a wide range of inlet water sources, will remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, impurities, heavy metals and harmful agents other in the country. Most importantly, the water inside the machine is cleaned and disinfected continuously, so users can use it for a long time without worrying about infection. Newer water purifiers are also applied Smax technology to double the capacity and double the filter life.

Modern water purifier products for filtered water meet the standards of purified bottled drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 BYT recognized by the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health – Ministry of Health according to WHO procedures.

Better water - A more complete experience: the new standard of water purifiers - Photo 2.

Many families have chosen a water purifier for peace of mind

Not only that, the new generation water purifier also creates comprehensively good water, providing water containing minerals for the body such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium…, especially Hydrogen, anti-aging, improving the system Digest. This is something that boiled drinking water cannot do.

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The water purifier not only gives clean water, but also provides good water comprehensively by the high-performance core system

Modern water purifiers also double the amount of alkaline Hydrogen Ion along with the combination of Orp Alkaline, Tourmaline, Hydrogen Plus functional cores for water with optimal Hydrogen, pH, Orp index for user health.

Full experience with smart technology

Previously, water purifiers had only one function, which was to filter water. But, the explosion of technology coupled with the need to improve people’s quality of life has created an opportunity for manufacturers to bring more complete experiences. With the new standard of water purifier In 2022, water purifiers not only filter clean water but also possess breakthrough smart technologies.

To give users complete peace of mind, the water purifier manufacturer has integrated the feature of proactively controlling water quality via phone using AIoTec technology. With this technology, users can check the cleanliness of water, filter replacement time, machine condition, warranty activation, etc. anywhere and at any time.

Better water - A more complete experience: the new standard of water purifiers - Photo 4.

Water purifier integrated with modern smart technologies

In addition, manufacturers also integrate features to make home life more comfortable such as hot and cold features, power failure, water can still be obtained, or automatic overflow prevention. Luxury, trendy design as a luxury and class highlight for home space or a prestigious and long-term warranty regime are also invested by brands to attract customers.

When using a water purifier, many people are concerned about the replacement filter element. Smax filter technology was born to shake off this thought with a filter that not only doubles filtration efficiency, but also reduces wastewater by up to 75% and increases its life by 2 times. The increased filter life, extended replacement time also helps users save a significant amount of money for replacing the filter element.

Electricity is also a concern that is thoroughly solved on the new generation water purifier. Multi-layer heat preservation technology combined with Block cooling technology helps deep cold water, maintaining cold for a long time while still reducing power consumption by up to 30%. According to calculations, 1 household using 30 liters of water a day, the total amount of electricity to pay is only about 210 VND / day – too small amount considering the health benefits and convenience that the water purifier has to pay. bring.

It can be said that today’s water purifier products not only purify water but also possess modern technology that brings convenience, efficiency and savings to users in their busy daily lives, helping people peace of mind to live healthy.

BILLIONIn the water purifier market in Vietnam, Karofi is currently the leading brand in terms of market share and most loved by users (According to research by TechSci global market research company in May 2022). The water purifiers of this brand are all equipped with a powerful Smax technology filter core system capable of doubling the capacity, doubling the life, and at the same time providing a source of water that meets the QCVN standard of purified drinking water. 6-1:2010 BYT recognized by the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment – Ministry of Health according to the WHO process. In particular, through the functional filter system, the filtered water is also added with minerals, hydrogen, etc., which is good for the health of the user.


Besides, Karofi water purifiers are also equipped with smart features such as 3 modes of hot – cold – pure water, automatic overflow prevention, power failure but no water loss and smart technology like AioTec remote management… helps to create a comfortable, efficient and economical life for users. Especially, the warranty for the highest water purifier on the market up to 36 months is also a plus point for users to feel secure in choosing to experience.

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