China says it has no intention of building a base in the Solomons

In order to refute speculations related to the security agreement signed with Solomon last month, speaking at a press conference after talks with his counterpart Solomon while visiting this island nation, the State Councilor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday (May 26) said that the security cooperation framework agreement negotiated and signed by China and the Solomon Islands “aims to assist Solomon in improving the police’s police and enforcement capabilities.” law, help Solomon better maintain social order, and protect the safety of Chinese citizens and organizations in Solomon.”

China has announced that it has no intention of building a base in the Solomons - 1

Foreign Minister of China and Solomon at the press conference after the talks. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)

He described the deal as “reasonable, reasonable, legal, everything works under sunlight”. He also stated that security cooperation between China and the Solomons is “clearly transparent, straightforward, honest, does not impose on anyone, is not aimed at a third party, nor does it intend to establish military bases.” .

He said that China and Solomon had reached consensus in eight areas, including strengthening the political foundation of bilateral relations, jointly building the “Belt and Road”, and jointly implementing the Development Initiative Global development initiated by the President of China, jointly creating a safe and stable environment, promoting connectivity, jointly responding to climate change, promoting local exchanges, and jointly protecting the interests of developing countries.

Wang Yi’s remarks were made in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands during a joint press conference with Solomon’s Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele and posted on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The United States and Australia have long been concerned about China’s ability to build a naval base in the South Pacific that would allow its navy to project power far beyond its borders. Any Chinese military presence in the Pacific could force Australia and the United States to change their military posture in the region.

The Pacific island nations are not anyone’s “backyard” and they have the right to make their own choices instead of being “dependent” on others, Mr. Wang Yi stressed. He stated, China’s cooperation with Pacific island nations “is not aimed at any country and is not subject to interference by any country.”

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