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Chinese people are angry over paintings that are ‘toxic to children’

A series of paintings of two men licking a girl’s hand, a boy pulling a girl’s skirt… infuriating Chinese public opinion.

Follow Dahe Daily, the issue of illustrations in children’s books is receiving great attention when recently, a series of publications appeared controversial images. On May 26, Oriental baby – children’s magazine – publication release Sweatin which there is a picture of two people licking the girl’s hand with the words: “Sister, you are so beautiful, what does your sweat taste like?”.

Illustrations in stories for children.  Photo: Sina

Illustrations in stories for children. Image: Sina

Most of the audience thought that the painting was crude, depicting an arrogant white girl and two eager colored boys. Huanchu account received more than 50,000 likes when commenting on Weibo: “Those two bald people don’t look like children, it’s clear that the two uncles molest women. The painter has moral problems”.

Other viewers commented: “Ignoring the author’s intention about skin color, two men licked a girl’s hand, saw it and wanted to punch them”, “This painting both insults men and at the same time wants to punch them.” making fun of women. Only a person who specializes in sexually harassing women can draw “…

Illustrations in math books.  Photo: Sina

Illustrations in math books. Image: Sina

On May 27, the company’s representative released the magazine Oriental baby said has withdrawn the book Sweat to process and invite a group of experts to evaluate and censor the picture.

In addition to the above picture, millions of Chinese people are angry because of the series of illustrations in the People’s Education Publishing House’s math books for elementary students, including pictures of a girl with her skirt undone, a boy touching his chest, speeding up. Girls’ skirts… Most of the comments said that paintings were “toxic” with young children, containing sexual harassment.

Illustrators have mixed comments on the above paintings. Above Dahe Daily, Painter Moc Moc commented that the works are not suitable for the popular aesthetic – especially in textbooks that are popular throughout China. Artists and publishers should rethink the problem and correct the shortcomings.

The illustrations were criticized for suggesting sexual harassment.  Photo: Dahe Daily

The illustrations were criticized for suggesting sexual harassment. Image: Dahe Daily

Painter Thuong Han Bin assessed that in general, the pictures in the math book were “temporary, the characters were a bit ugly”, and artist Ngo Khong Khong said the pictures were weird and lacked aesthetics.

Artist Tri Canh Dieu said that the author of the above paintings “did not have bad intentions, a part of internet users exaggerated the problem”. Tri Canh Dieu urges the audience to respect the creators and calmly assess the situation.

Before the uproar of public opinion, on May 26, the publisher said that it would accept comments and would correct the criticized pictures, as well as check and re-evaluate all the book covers and illustrations by the author. publishers, improve the quality of books.

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