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Da Nang: Having 2 billion dong, still looking to buy a house with red eyes

With a finance of about 2 billion VND, many red-eyed people cannot find a house in Da Nang to stay.

Khanh, 37 years old, from Thanh Hoa, moved to Da Nang to work for nearly 15 years. Previously, he worked as an employee for a supermarket. After many years of working, he and his wife saved 600 million dong. With this finance, it is impossible to own a piece of land or a house in the city. Finally, he decided to use the money to buy a car to drive technology.

“I bought a car for 3 years, then it took 2 years for the epidemic, now the gas price is too high, running without profit. The monthly income is only enough to pay for accommodation, living expenses, meals and children’s education, so there is no additional money saved. About 5-6 years ago, each plot of land only had three or four hundred million, but at that time I did not have money, nor did I know how to borrow money to buy it, so I thought I would just save up for a while and then buy the land. Who would have thought that when they had enough money, the land price would increase tenfold, beyond their financial ability, so they didn’t know when they could buy a house to live in,” Khanh confided.

Da Nang: Having 2 billion dong, still looking to buy a house with red eyes
The house located in a small alley in masterpiece Hoang Dieu is for sale for 2.7 billion VND

And Mr. Hoang Trung (38 years old) moved from Hanoi to Da Nang. After 2 years of renting, he wants to find a house near the city center for his wife and children to work and study conveniently.

However, after earning for a few months, he still has not been able to buy a house that is suitable for his needs and financial ability.

Mr. Trung is very disappointed because housing prices are too high. To buy a small house as desired, the finance must be from 3 billion or more.

Mr. Center said: “Unlike Hanoi, affordable commercial apartments in Da Nang are very scarce. The market is full of luxury apartments, very expensive. With a finance of about 2 billion VND, there is no choice, you can only choose houses on the ground, but those are houses in deep alleys, with an area of ​​​​a few dozen square meters.”

Being led by a broker to see some houses costing about 2.1-2.5 billion VND, Mr. Trung said: “The house is in a deep, winding alley, I went to see it, but when I came back, I lost my way and couldn’t remember the way. out. Moreover, these houses are too old and dilapidated, if they can stay, it takes a considerable amount of construction and repair costs.

Da Nang: Having 2 billion dong, looking for red eyes can't buy a house
It’s hard for two motorbikes to avoid each other, but each square meter of land here costs about 56 million VND.

“For example, a house with an area of ​​​​less than 30m2 in Ong Ich Khiem masterpiece (Hai Chau district) is for sale for 2 billion VND without negotiation. Or like the house in Hoang Dieu masterpiece with lanes of 2 motorbikes that are difficult to avoid but also for sale 2.7 billion dong. The cheapest 30-40m2 old houses in the alley are also from 2.1 billion VND. And in some districts far from the center such as Lien Chieu and Cam Le, the price of each land plot here is also around 4 billion VND. So I had to temporarily put aside the idea of ​​buying a house,” Trung added.

According to a survey by PV, the price of land for subdivision at Kim Long City project (Lien Chieu district), opposite the District People’s Committee is currently at VND 4.1 billion/lot of 100m2. This price has increased compared to 2021 and returned to the peak of 2019. Similarly, the price of land in Hoa Xuan ward (Cam Le district) also fluctuates from 3.9 billion VND/lot of 100m2.

After 2 years of price reduction due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the land price in this area has increased by 200-300 million VND/lot. If the buyer to live in, he must spend at least 1-1.5 billion VND to build a house.

Da Nang real estate prices in 2014-2019 increased dozens of times, making it difficult for workers to buy houses to live in. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, townhouses still increased in price, not affected like other segments.

In districts like Thanh Khe, Hai Chau, each square meter of house in a masterpiece or alley costs from VND 50 million/m2. Those who have cars can enter, the price is from 70-90 million VND/m2. Like in the masterpieces of Bau Hac (Thanh Khe district), a 55m2 house costs VND 6.8 billion…

As for the apartment market, according to DKRA VietNam, the new supply in the Danang apartment market in 2022 may range from 1,000 to 1,300 units, concentrated in Ngu Hanh Son and Hai Chau districts. The proportion of Grade A apartments is likely to increase, while the proportion of Grade B apartments will not have many changes compared to 2021. The selling price of luxury apartments is from 100 million VND/m2, mainly in districts. Hai Chau. Some apartments on Bach Dang street are expected to sell for 180 million VND/m2.

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