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Dak Lak: Verifying a sensitive clip related to a vice principal

May 27, 2022 06:51 GMT+7

Social networks spread an objectionable clip spread on the network that the main character is suspected to be a deputy principal of an elementary school in Cu M’gar district (Dak Lak), authorities are investigating.

Infonet’s source said that the Chairman of the District People’s Committee Cu M’gar Le Nam Cao had just signed a document directing the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Education and Training of this district to quickly intervene to clarify information about a sensitive clip that is spreading rapidly. on the social network suspected of being related to the Vice Principal of T Primary School.

Dak Lak: Verifying a sensitive clip related to a vice principal

The content of the dispatch clearly states that, currently, on social networks, a clip with offensive images related to the management officer of T Elementary School is circulating on social networks. The clip content is of an ethical violation, lifestyle causes bad public opinion in society, affecting the image of teachers, so the District People’s Committee requested the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Education and Training to clarify and report to the District People’s Committee before June 6, 2022.

Talking to PV Infonet, a leader of Cu M’gar’s Internal Affairs Department confirmed that he knew this sensitive clip but could not confirm whether the man was a management officer of T Primary School or not.

“We are currently verifying and clarifying, and if it is true, we will strictly handle it because it is a violation of the ethics and lifestyle of the teacher,” said the leader of the Cu M District Home Affairs Department. ‘gar info.

Also related to this issue, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Secretary of Ea Kuêh commune said that he has received information about the above offensive clip incident and is asking the T. Primary School Branch to clarify.

According to Mr. Tuan Anh, if the school cell fails to do so, the Ea Kuêh Commune Party Committee will get involved and if it exceeds its authority, it will transfer it to the People’s Committee of Cu M’gar district.

The principal of T elementary school also knew about the clip circulating on social media with the main character suspected of being from the school. A school administrator had a report and pledged that the man in the sensitive clip was not himself.

“The school wants the authorities to quickly intervene to clarify the incident so as not to affect the school,” the principal said.

According to information provided by T. Primary School, on May 15, 2022, a personal Facebook account named Nguyen Ninh posted a clip recording a scene of a man and woman engaging in offensive behavior.

After the clip was posted, someone said that the man in the clip was an administrator of T. Primary School and the two people in the clip were married.

Currently, Nguyen Ninh’s account no longer exists the above clip.

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