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Diamonds wear heavy hands, promise to enjoy the entire inheritance of the husband’s family

Young Mango

Young Mango couple – streamer Xemesis comes from different backgrounds: one is a young man from a rich family, the other has a difficult situation, has to leave school early. Yet they held hands to overcome many difficulties to build a happy and fulfilling life like a “fairy tale in real life”.

Not only living in a tall house with a wide door, her husband Xemesis pampered her to the fullest, but Xoai Non was also loved by her parents-in-law because of her docility and gentleness. After a year of being a bride, Mango Non was praised by her mother-in-law and promised to dedicate all her assets to her.

Vietnamese stars have a mother-in-law

As for her father-in-law, Mango Non shared: “My father-in-law said that if I give birth to a son, I will give it to the hotel, the daughter will give the house, twins for both”.

Vo Ha Tram

To talk about the daughters-in-law loved by their mother-in-law, it is impossible not to mention Vo Ha Tram and Indian mother-in-law. It is known that even though they rarely have the opportunity to meet, the voice of Lut Nhu Dream is still very close to her mother-in-law. When he had the opportunity to visit India to visit his daughter’s paternal house, the singer was enthusiastically welcomed by everyone and expressed his familiar feelings. The singer also regularly posts many moments showing her close attachment to her mother-in-law, making fans admire.

Vietnamese stars have a mother-in-law

Especially when the day came to return to Vietnam to continue working, her mother-in-law also gave jewelry to her daughter-in-law, she meticulously wore a necklace for Vo Ha Tram, making people admire. Besides, the beauty said that her mother-in-law was still very sad when she was about to leave her daughter-in-law:

“The day I came back, my mother cried so much. Mom said that she missed her daughter-in-law, who ran around the house often. Now that the house was empty, she was sad. I don’t know why we were also sad even though we knew that we would return and then work again. The first experience of being a bride is just like being at my mother’s house, being loved, pampered and most comfortable. Because I’m so lucky to have two of the most wonderful mothers on earth.”

Don Nguyen

Overcoming prejudice, Don Nguyen and Thanh Tu’s 10-year sweet and lasting love story received much love and admiration from the audience. Recently, when appearing on the program “Afraid to Talk”, Don Nguyen suddenly revealed that his boyfriend’s family had given him 2 pieces of land.

Vietnamese stars have a mother-in-law

The singer’s husband, number one, said that the boyfriend’s parents knew about this relationship, not only did they not prevent it, but also said that if anything happened in the future, they would also leave Don Nguyen 2 pieces of land. “Up to now, the two of you have 4 pieces of land, will give Tu two pieces later, and the remaining 2 pieces for me” – he said. The male singer also humorously said that revealing this on the air, the other half’s parents would not be able to withdraw their promise.

Lam Khanh Chi

Before everyone went their separate ways with her husband, Lam Khanh Chi was also admired for having loving parents-in-law. On her personal page, the transgender singer once mentioned that her parents-in-law gave her a house: “My biological parents gave me a house in District 4. My parents-in-law gave me a house in Vung Tau. My wife and I bought an apartment… So we have 3 houses. The happiness of being married to a husband is really fun. Kim flattered Kim again…”.

Vietnamese stars have a mother-in-law

Lam Khanh Chi’s mother-in-law is famous for her love for her daughter-in-law. Looking at the valuable gifts from home to the red book is enough to see how much love she has for the female singer. In response, Lam Khanh Chi was always filial to her ex-in-law’s parents and also tried to improve so that she could follow her real estate business.

Pham Huong

Miss Pham Huong also has a perfect life in the west with 2 sons. The beauty often updates the images around her activities to interact with fans. In particular, netizens pay special attention to the picture of the mother-in-law that was shared on her personal page by the post-natal girl in 1991.

Vietnamese stars have a mother-in-law

Despite keeping the rich husband’s face a secret, Pham Huong freely shared the image of her mother-in-law, making fans excited. Hai Phong-born beauty also showed off her mother-in-law giving a diamond ring of great value. Accordingly, although rarely mentioned, many people also implicitly understand that Pham Huong and her mother-in-law have an extremely close relationship.

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