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Do you know that people always live “Virtual” more?

It is a fact that the brain always tends to control us and make people live in the mind (what we imagine) instead of focusing entirely on reality.

Are you someone who is always worried and scared about what “may” happen in the future?

Have you ever imagined what you “will” achieve in the next 5-10 years but immersed yourself in it and forgot about reality?

Have you ever imagined yourself becoming your crush’s lover with ideal dates when you just “soon” had a crush on someone?

If so, don’t worry! These are just very normal human things and still happen in everyday life. However, know for yourself what is “enough” because remember: Nothing is as precious as reality.

Do you know that people always live

The truth and the consequences behind

    1. Truth

Studies have confirmed that the brain constantly generates unnecessary thoughts related to the problem people are going through, these thoughts are often divided into 2 groups: very positive and very negative. For example, when you are starting to like someone, you quickly imagine ideal dates, intimate gestures between the two of you (even though in reality they don’t even know who you are). – this is indicative of ‘excessive’ positive thinking (toxic positivity or power illusions).

On the contrary, when you begin to want to change yourself to become a more complete person or challenge yourself in new areas, you worry and fear thinking about the possible consequences in the future. , these negative thoughts make you stop yourself, do not dare to start and cannot develop further. These two lines of thinking seem too familiar to everyone’s life and certainly everyone has experienced; even sometimes people have difficulty controlling them because they are completely controlled by the brain.

Do you know that people always live

    2. Consequences

Being controlled by your brain means that you are not living in the present, but in the future (or past). You become worried, afraid of what has happened/will happen; you have difficulty in making decisions and only poke around with the question “What if” (what will happen…if…); And the most important thing is that you are completely living “virtual” with emotions, “virtual” situations that you create yourself.

As a result, you neglect the present moment – ​​your most precious and only chance to create the things you want. There are people who only focus on results, they imagine the ‘illustrious feats’ that they will achieve in the future, they indulge, imagine but in the end do nothing and stay still. .

Awareness and awakening

Imagining is not a bad thing if you know what is enough and make it a motivator. For example, you are in the early days of your business with a lot of difficulties, but you imagine a good future for your career in the next 10 years – this gives you more confidence, Gives you the strength in the present to receive the sweet fruit in the future.

Besides, you need to learn to control your own thoughts instead of letting your thoughts control you. A latest study from Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) in 2020 has confirmed that every day people generate more than 6000 thoughts. So, if you don’t know how to choose, what will you do with those thoughts?

Remember that you and reality are enough; Keep dreaming but don’t forget reality because this is the only key to help you realize all your feelings, desires and ambitions.

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