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Eating amaranth is cool in the summer, but it will turn into a “poison” if you eat it this way

Friday, May 27, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Although eating amaranth is very good for health, experts warn, if eaten in the wrong way can be dangerous to health.

In traditional medicine, red amaranth has sweet taste, cool properties, heat clearing effect, blood cooling, diuretic, blood cooling, antiseptic, treatment of dysentery, blood heat and boils… Can be boiled, fried or cooked in a very delicious and sweet soup.

Amaranth is a summer vegetable that cools the liver and clears heat. Amaranth has many types such as: amaranth, thorns, white, … The large burgundy-colored leaves are red amaranth, characterized by succulent stems, quickly cooked, and more delicious when cooked in soup. Red amaranth contains many protid, glucid, many vitamins and minerals. The iron content in amaranth is more than that in spinach, the calcium content is 3 times higher.

Unlike prickly amaranth, rice amaranth, red amaranth has small leaves about two fingers together, stems and leaves are burgundy, when cooked, the cooking water has a very beautiful bright red color.

Vegetables have very good uses for health, but you need to be careful when eating if you do not want to be poisoned.

Eating amaranth is cool in the summer, but it will turn into "poison"  if eaten this way - 1

Unexpected side effects when eating amaranth

Stomach disorders

The fiber content in amaranth, when eaten in excess, can cause stomach problems. Eating too much amaranth can lead to bloating, gas formation in the abdomen, stomach cramps and even constipation. While incorporating amaranth into your daily diet, make sure to do it slowly as the sudden addition can interfere with normal digestion. It can even cause diarrhea in some cases.

Kidney stones

The high amount of purines in amaranth can be harmful to kidney health. These organic compounds are converted to uric acid upon digestion, which can increase the precipitation of calcium in the kidneys. As a result, the body can form kidney stones which is very uncomfortable and painful.


The high purines content in amaranth can increase uric acid levels in the body, which can cause inflammation, swelling, and joint pain. If you already have gouty arthritis, then you should limit your intake of amaranth.


The histamine content in amaranth can cause mild allergies. Although very rare, immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated allergy to amaranth has been observed in some cases.

Rough teeth

Eating too much amaranth can cause your teeth to lose their luster on its surface. The oxalic acid present in amaranth leaves forms small crystals that are insoluble in water. It is these crystals that can cause teeth to become rough or grainy. This roughness is not permanent and should go away after a few hours or after brushing.

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Great food with amaranth

Avoid eating amaranth with pears

Experts warn that eating amaranth with pears can cause vomiting. In addition, people should not dessert with pears after a meal with goose meat, because these two dishes when combined can cause fever.

Do not eat amaranth with bacon

According to Oriental medicine, combining these two foods together can be extremely dangerous. To detox, people need to drink crushed water spinach or eat raw water spinach to detox.

Eating amaranth is cool in the summer, but it will turn into "poison"  if eaten this way - 3

People who should not eat amaranth

People with a cold body, pregnant women with a cold body

According to experts, amaranth has cool properties, not suitable for people with loose diarrhea and chronic diarrhea, pregnant women with bad cold.

People with rheumatoid arthritis, gout or kidney stone disease

Amaranth contains a lot of oxalic acid, which greatly affects the inhibition of calcium and zinc absorption. At the same time, it is easy to form oxalate stones, so it should be avoided in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, gout or kidney stone disease.

People with diarrhea should not eat

Amaranth is cool, not suitable for people with chronic diarrhea, cold stomach… Experts also warn of unpredictable dangers when eating this great food.

Eating amaranth is cool in the summer, but it will turn into "poison"  if eaten this way - 4

Note when eating amaranth

Absolutely do not eat too many amaranth each meal

“Although this is a vegetable with many medicinal uses and is non-toxic, not everyone who eats it is better. The reason is that amaranth is cold, clearing heat, people with diarrhea are best not to use it. .

Pregnant women, whose bodies are susceptible to colds are also recommended not to eat amaranth to be safe for the health of both mother and child,” said physician Bui Hong Minh.

Do not eat amaranth that has been reheated many times

Amaranth belongs to the group of edible vegetables, if you don’t eat all of it, don’t regret leaving it overnight or reheating it many times to eat.

Overnight vegetable soups will produce a lot of nitrate, if cooked for too long, bacteria will be decomposed, the nitrate will form nitrite – a carcinogen.

When nitrite is taken into the stomach through food, it will form N-nitroso, which can cause scary cancers such as cancer of the esophagus, stomach as well as diseases in the digestive tract.

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