First Korean Actress With Down’s Syndrome

Before appearing in the movie “Our Blues”, Jung Eun Hye was known as a portrait painter.

According to Kbizoom, Jung Eun Hye (32 years old) is an actress with down syndrome first appeared on a Korean drama – Our Blues.

Specifically, in the episode broadcast on May 22, Jung Eun Hye appeared as the twin sister named Young Hee of Hae Nyeo Young Ok (played by Han Ji Min). Because of the loss, Young Hee is determined to go to Jeju Island to find Young Ok. Young Hee is also the only relative of Young Ok left after both parents passed away.

Jung Eun Hye’s appearance received much attention from the audience. Before becoming a TV actress, she was known as an artist who had been drawing for 8 years.

The first Korean actress with Down syndrome
Jung Eun Hye is acting for the first time. Photo: Kbizoom.

Currently, Jung Eun Hye is working as an artist signed with Jamsil Creative Studio of the Seoul Cultural Foundation. She started painting portraits at Munho River Market in Yangpyeong (Gyeonggi Province) since 2016.

Up to now, Eun Hye has drawn the faces of 4,000 people and is known as the artist “Your Face”.

In addition, Jung Eun Hye has her own channel called Your Face Eun Hye.

Previously, when participating in an interview, Jung Eun Hye’s mother shared about the life of her daughter with Down syndrome.

She said: “After graduating from the school, the unfortunate adults with the syndrome have nowhere to go. Eun Hye began to feel sad, gradually showing signs of visual obsessive-compulsive disease and schizophrenia“.

Eun Hye’s mother confirmed that Young Hee’s story is her daughter’s real life story.

The first Korean actress with Down syndrome 2
Eun Hye is a portrait painter. Photo: Kbizoom.

In addition, the actress’s mother added that she built her own sewing factory and gave her daughter the job of cleaning. However, at that time, Eun Hye realized her passion for art when looking at other children holding pens and drawing.

Since finding her passion, Eun Hye has lived a completely normal life, the symptoms of schizophrenia have also disappeared.

Jung Eun Hye’s story was once made into a documentary called Your Face. The film won the excellent award at the Seoul Environmental Film Festival in 2021, and is expected to premiere on June 23.

Our Blues is a multi-line drama with content revolving around many pairs of characters living in Jeju Island. Each episode focuses on exploiting the life of a pair of characters.

In addition to Eun Hye, the film has the participation of many famous actors such as Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun, and Cha Seung Won.

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