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How should cars go when farmers occupy the road to dry rice?

People drying rice occupies all of the road in the right direction, is it illegal for drivers to move to the opposite lane to go?

Drying rice to occupy the road - will going in the opposite direction be fined?

In the harvest season, farmers dry straw, rice and agricultural products on the road a lot, obstructing traffic. In the case as in the video, local people spread rice to dry close to the dividing line between the two lanes, the driver is forced to cross the lane in the opposite direction to cross this road. Many times, drivers have to face direct confrontation with vehicles going in the right direction, which is quite dangerous.

According to Decree 100/2019 on penalties for traffic violations, the act of drying paddy, rice, straw, agricultural, forestry and seafood on the road will be fined 100,000-200,000 VND for individuals and 200,000-400,000 VND for individuals organization. Is this fine too low? The damage caused by the drying of rice, straw and stubble is huge. Some cars were also wrapped in straw, causing the car to catch on fire.

Drivers can not push on people’s rice to go. So the only way to go to the opposite lane. In this situation, is it fine to drive the car to the opposite lane?

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