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I want to divorce my husband

I am 30 years old, have a husband and three-year-old daughter. I often get scolded by my sister-in-law, but my husband also agrees and never defends me.

Every New Year or holiday, my sister-in-law calls me to blame me for not taking care of my parents and cleaning the house early. I said that on the 29th of the new year, I can take a break, the distance to go home is more than 500 km, when I get home, the house is also clean. She told me to quarrel, not study, parents do not know how to teach children, from now on do not enter the husband’s house anymore.

What’s more tiring is that her husband also agreed with her, got angry at me, broke the house and slapped me too. He always forces the couple and their children to return home to their husband’s house first, refusing to “go their separate ways”. I’m so tired, I don’t know if I should get a divorce?


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