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Indonesian badminton star accused of harassing SEA Games volunteers, public outrage

(Sports News) Indonesian badminton player Yeremia Rambitan is facing harsh criticism from both domestic and international public after inappropriate comments were made about volunteers at the 31st SEA Games.


Video of Indonesian badminton player apologizing for inappropriate statements to SEA Games volunteers 31

Recently, the badminton village of Southeast Asia in general and Indonesia in particular has been stirred up by the incident involving this country’s badminton player, Yeremia Rambitan in SEA Games 31.

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Yeremia Rambitan (left), badminton player who won silver at SEA Games 31 was criticized for “verbal sexual harassment” with female SEA Games volunteers

Specifically, after the end of the competition, the Indonesian badminton team said goodbye to the volunteer team who supported them during their time in Bac Giang. However, while sitting in the car, Yeremia laughed and shouted at the Vietnamese female volunteers with inappropriate words, and streamed this moment live via her Tik Tok account (social networking platform). video sharing association).

The video was then shared widely on social media, creating a wave of harsh criticism. Fans consider this to be verbal sexual harassment, which is even more embarrassing because Indonesia is wearing the national badminton team uniform:

“Pathetic. There’s no denying that jokes like this aren’t uncommon but is it necessary to say it so bluntly? Even if he tries to lower his voice, we can still hear him, even when he’s streaming. continued on social media? It’s like he’s proud of his statement,” one Twitter account claimed.

“Either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about is verbal sexual harassment, or he knows it but stupidly continues. The PBSI must offer classes on public conduct, social media management, and harassment.”

“He seems to feel that he is very handsome and perfect. Shame on this harassment.”

Indo Sport page said that Vietnamese and Chinese media reported on this embarrassing incident, thereby affecting the image of Indonesian badminton.

On May 25, through the official Instagram page of the Badminton Federation Indonesia (PBSI), Yeremia had to apologize to the SEA Games volunteers: “Hello everyone. Sorry Indonesia Badminton Federation, Indonesian Olympic Committee and badminton fans.

I am very sorry for my wrongdoing and my jokes. The coach reprimanded me harshly and I apologized to the volunteer. Again, sorry for everything.”

However, according to Indo Sport, public opinion was not satisfied with Yeremia’s apology, and at the same time called on PBSI leaders to severely punish the 23-year-old tennis player. Currently, he is forced to block the comment section on Instagram because of the “storm” of criticism.

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Yeremia apologizes for inappropriate statements

PBSI Secretary General, Muhammad Fadil Imran revealed that Yeremia received an internal disciplinary sentence: “Yeremia said it was just a joke, but everyone’s point of view is different. I think the internal punishment was enough of a deterrent for people. More than that, Yeremia’s actions have been heavily criticized by the public and he understands that.”

Meanwhile, the men’s doubles coach Aryono Miranat also apologized on behalf of his students: “I am also shocked and sorry for Yeremia’s inappropriate words. Sincere apologies. to those who feel offended”.

Yeremia Rambitan, born in 1999, is a promising talent of badminton Indonesia. He and his teammate Pramudya Kusumawardana ranked 16th in the world in men’s doubles, having won the Asian championship in early May. At the 31st SEA Games, Yeremia won silver in men’s doubles and bronze in men’s team content.

According to Do Anh (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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