Internship since 11th grade

Pham Le Tinh Nhi (born 2004) is a student in grade 11 of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Givat Haviva International School (Israel). Tinh Nhi won a scholarship and went to study abroad in September 2021 – while she was a student specializing in Literature, Tran Dai Nghia School for the Gifted (HCMC).

A unique experience of Vietnamese international students: Internship from grade 11 to 1

Tinh Nhi won the International Baccalaureate Scholarship to study in Israel. (Photo: NVCC)

After half a year of studying abroad, Tinh Nhi began to look for opportunities to experience in the corporate environment to challenge herself. Tinh Nhi was accepted to practice at a company in the field of education in April 2022 – after 2 weeks of probation.

“Previously, most of the extra-curricular activities that students participated in revolved around communication and organizing events aimed at young people, within the school or city limits. So, I think the internship will give me the opportunity to expand my working environment and explore areas that I have never tried before.”the female student shared.

Nhi’s internship group has 15 members, including final-year students who are on a career-oriented journey or those who have graduated from school for many years but want to change majors, so they should participate in the experience. Tinh Nhi is in high school and is also the youngest.

In order to be accepted into the internship, Tinh Nhi convinced the employer with her impressive CV and confident demeanor during the interview round.

In her CV, Tinh Nhi mentioned the International Baccalaureate scholarship that she won to demonstrate her academic ability. She also lists extracurricular activities that she has participated in as a leader, leader or founder, thereby showing the skills and experiences she possesses.

Tinh Nhi is also not afraid to mention that she will face many time constraints when she goes to practice from high school. However, it is this weakness that is the strength of female students. As a student, female students can easily understand the psychology and needs of their peers – who are also the company’s customers.

A unique experience of Vietnamese international students: Internship from grade 11 to 2

Tinh Nhi (far left) and friends in Israel. (Photo: NVCC)

The first two weeks of probation, the female student was overwhelmed by the processes and the amount of paperwork that had to be completed. During her extracurricular activities in Vietnam as a leader, Nhi is used to doing things according to her own principles, as long as she gets the job done. In a different corporate environment, all paperwork and reporting procedures are much stricter and more thorough. Once completed, the work will be saved and received comments from management to improve the efficiency of future projects. Interns must report their work progress every day, every week according to a specific report format.

At this educational company, Tinh Nhi is able to try her hand at different fields of work such as being a teaching assistant, testing and evaluating teaching software, planning and content for the program, understanding the psychology of students. students,… Specifically, when the company organized a trial run of an English program for middle school students, Tinh Nhi taught 2 sessions a week. With the advantage of age, Tinh Nhi easily listens to feedback from her students like a friend. From there, I pointed out the good points, the points that need to be corrected and proposed a plan to make a lesson more effective. The whole group will then sit down to meet and re-frame the agenda.

Tinh Nhi is commented on having a good sense of working, proposing many new ideas and always keeping up with the work. Creativity is always seen by leaders in female students.

However, Tinh Nhi also encountered many difficulties in allocating work and study time. “Students can devote all their time and energy to an internship because it is part of the curriculum. And I’m a high school student, studying full-time at school, so it’s very difficult to balance study and work.” Tinh Nhi said.

Thanks to the support from her colleagues, Tinh Nhi can put all the work down to the weekend to solve it. On weekdays, female students focus on studying wherever they go, so they don’t spend much time reviewing.

“Internship from high school is not common right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I hope my peers will always be confident, eager to learn and go beyond their limits. Just knock on the door and it will open, maybe it will open a meaningful journey and you will discover many special things from yourself.”the female student shared.

In the coming time, 10x will continue to focus on completing the International Baccalaureate Program and doing well as an intern.

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