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It’s Trang Tran’s turn to call her daughter a lover in her past life

In the midst of the controversial saying “daughter is father’s previous life lover”, Louis Tran’s share attracted attention.

From America, my husband Trang Tran Recently, there was an interesting sharing about Kien – a girl in Vietnam.

Posting a photo to celebrate going out with his daughter, Louis Tran thinks: “Sometimes I want to be alone, but I’m afraid of being lonely, so I have to be with my past life lover.”

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Recent sharing of husband Trang Tran.

Amidst the time when the saying “daughter is the lover of a father’s previous life” was controversial, Louis Tran’s share attracted attention.

Talking to everyone, Trang Tran’s overseas Vietnamese husband said he was missing his daughter, so he looked back at old photos.

Before that, some famous people also caused a stir when it came to “daughter is father’s previous life lover”.

Cao Thai Ha

Recently, Cao Thai Ha became the focus of discussion when the clip she confided about her father half a year ago went viral.

Actress says: “I have a terrible connection with my father. On the day Ha’s father was about to die, Ha took his father’s hand and said: Dad, maybe in a previous life, I was lovers, but love must have been fierce, love. It must have been suicide up and down, so in this life, our three children will love each other like that.

So in the next life, we will continue to love each other. I hope that in the next life I don’t have three children anymore, let’s be husband and wife, so that their love can be more sublimated.”

Clip: Cao Thai Ha hopes to marry her father in her next life (Source: Startalk).

Statement about ‘s father Cao Thai River met with strong reaction from the audience. The majority think that the actress’s thoughts and words go beyond the limit and use heavy words to criticize her.

Before the attack, Cao Thai Ha apologized, and also explained clearly about this.

Actress Underground Storm said the clip going viral was the answer to a show she did last year, but was cut, causing everything to change meaning and be misleading.

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“People who watch the clip may think that Ha has a wrong idea, everyone has the right to judge Ha because everyone’s point of view is hers, but right when telling that story, Ha is also trying to get stronger. when talking about their own pain.

Thank you fans and audience for understanding Ha, and apologize to the audience for Ha’s statement causing misunderstanding in a negative way. Ha would like to take responsibility for her statements. Through this, Ha would like to draw a deep experience”Cao Thai Ha said.

Thang Ngo – Ha Thanh Xuan’s husband

On the morning of May 25, “King of Koi” Thang Ngo had an interesting share related to his wife Ha Thanh Xuan. Posting a couple photo, he introduced his new wife: “Daughter of a past life”.

In the midst of the constant controversy surrounding the famous saying “daughter is the lover of a father’s previous life”, Thang Ngo’s share has become a topic of discussion on social networks.

People think it is a funny saying, but many netizens sarcastically and disparage the giant Koi fish.

It's Trang Tran's turn to call her daughter a lover in her past life-3It's Trang Tran's turn to call her daughter a lover in her past life-4
Controversial share of “King of Koi fish”.

In the face of mixed opinions, Thang Ngo responded. Answer the wallet reason Ha Thanh Xuan being a “daughter of a past life”, “King of Koi fish” also scolded her critics: “Online ethologists check your own face and your father’s face to see if it’s similar.

Placing things, making up stories, saying cruel words… are very heavy speech karma. God or Buddha are very strict with this error. You should spend time with your family, especially your girlfriends and young mothers, so that your family can be happy for a long time.”

Ha My
According to Vietnamnet

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