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Linh Dam Apartment rented 90m2 LED screen to cheer

At 19:00 tonight (May 21), the golden girls of coach Mai Duc Chung will go to war. Then exactly one day, at 19 pm on Sunday (May 22), the men’s soccer team U23 Vietnam will also step out to My Dinh Stadium to compete for gold, our obstacle in both finals is Thailand.

90m2 LED apartment to support 2 SEA Games football finals 31. Clip: Gia Khiem

As noted by Reporter Dan Vietin the afternoon of the same day, at HH Linh Dam apartment building, Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, suddenly appeared a 90m2 wide LED screen to cheer the two football finals of SEA Games 31.

Mr. Nguyen Do Hai, Representative Board of HH Linh Dam residents shared, to cheer and “energize” the women’s football team and the men’s team. U23 Vietnam To win the final match taking place on the evening of May 21 and May 22, a large number of residents living in the apartment building joined hands and contributed money to rent LED screens and high-powered speakers.

This idea came from right after the men’s soccer team U23 Vietnam win tickets, set foot in the final.

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Workers install high-powered speakers to serve people watching football. Photo: Gia Khiem

“In a very short time, we received the consensus of the majority of residents on the option of installing LED screens. Initially, due to concerns about funding, we planned to install it only to watch the final match. middle men’s soccer U23 Vietnam meet Thailand U23 at 19h on 22/5.

But after the agreement with the LED rental unit as well as the financial balance, the residents and the representative board have agreed to install it to watch the women’s soccer final between Vietnam and Thailand. at 7pm tonight (May 21)”, Mr. Hai happily shared.

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The area is covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain for people to easily monitor. Photo: Gia Khiem

According to Mr. Hai, right after the Resident Representative Board mobilized funds to rent LED screens, a large number of residents supported directly with money. Besides, the kiosks are doing business on the 1st floor; brands; services… also financed in cash.

chung cu lap man hinh led co vu sea games 1 1653127283286662237559 1653127511277713292257

The final stages are gradually completed to serve residents watching the two finals of the 31st SEA Games football. Photo: Gia Khiem

“We are the representatives of the residents, participating in activities for the resident community to connect solidarity, create a playground for everyone, and create happy moments together, energizing the bridges.” players won both of these finals,” said Hai with a laugh.

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Mr. Nguyen Dang Hai (in HH2C Linh Dam apartment building) said, he is very happy that tonight and tomorrow can burn with all his heart with the players. Photo: Gia Khiem

Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong, a representative of the LED screen installation unit, said that the construction team started the installation at 10 am, expected to be finished before 6 pm to serve the monitoring needs of the people to fully watch 2. The 31st SEA Games football final has the Vietnamese team present.

Carrying a small child wearing the banner “Vietnam wins” present very early, Mr. Nguyen Dang Hai (in HH2C Linh Dam apartment building) said: “I am very happy that tonight and tomorrow can be burned with all of my heart with my friends. At HH Linh Dam apartment building, which is the most densely populated place in Hanoi, the installation of this LED screen is hoped to give strength to the players to perform well and bring gold medals to the group. Vietnamese sports”,

It is known that for many years at the HH Linh Dam apartment complex, many times, it has organized to rent a large LED screen so that tens of thousands of residents and people in the area can watch the matches of Park Hang-seo teachers and students. in various competitions.

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