Misconceptions about burning excess fat make weight loss always fail

Because living conditions are increasingly improved, many people have a habit of insatiable eating, preferring to eat foods that contain a lot of fat and spices. Although this diet can make us feel “happy” or satisfied, bringing a lot of joy to eating, it also causes many health problems, even serious problems. , lasting consequences.

Currently, more and more people are obese, but it is very difficult to lose weight, even more and more fat is lost and the weight loss efforts fail. One of the causes of this condition is misconceptions about weight loss, such as misunderstanding the nature of the fat burning process. Here are some of these misconceptions:

Misconceptions about burning excess fat make weight loss always fail - 1

To reduce the percentage of excess body fat, you must choose the right method (Artwork).

1. If you don’t eat, your weight will be lighter, so you will lose weight successfully

In order to lose weight quickly, some people often skip dinner and indeed lose weight at that time. Therefore, they mistakenly believe that if they skip a meal, they can lose weight.

In fact, this concept is wrong, because skipping meals will make the body’s energy intake not enough. To maintain the functioning of various organs, the body needs to break down glycogen in the liver to provide energy, each gram of glycogen that is broken down needs to consume 4 grams of water, so weight loss when starting a diet It’s actually due to dehydration, not fat burning.

If fasting is prolonged, the amount of glycogen in the liver will gradually deplete. At that time, the body has to break down muscle glycogen and fat to provide energy, so what you lose when you diet is not really fat but can be muscle. This is not only not beneficial for fat loss, but can also adversely affect health. Even later, when you go back to eating and drinking normally, it can backfire.

2. It takes more than 30 minutes of exercise each time to burn fat

Many people believe that aerobic exercise more than 30 minutes at a time is enough to burn fat, and if it is shorter than this time, it only consumes glycogen. However, this notion is incorrect.

Misconceptions about burning excess fat make weight loss always fail - 2

It is not necessary to have enough time to practice, exercise whenever possible (Artwork).

In fact, at the start of exercise, glycogen and fat will both fuel the body, so both are consumed. However, in the early stages of exercise, the amount of fat burned is relatively small. The attrition rate increases as the training time is longer.

However, that does not mean that it takes more than 30 minutes for each workout to burn fat. Just take advantage of short periods of free time to exercise, you can also lose weight, most importantly, perseverance.

3. Sweating means fat is being burned

Many people lose fat by trying to sweat, because they believe that sweating is a sign of fat burning. But actually, sweating is to dissipate excess heat from the body, so that the body maintains a normal temperature.

What’s more, the main component of sweat is water, so even though your weight is lighter due to sweating, it’s really just water loss. So, sweating a lot not only doesn’t help with fat loss, but it can also cause your body to lose water and lose electrolyte balance.

In short, if you want to lose weight fast, you first need to eliminate misconceptions. Fat loss is not weight loss but fat loss. Although the weight is not lighter, but if the fat is burned, your fat loss is also effective.

In addition, aerobic exercise should be combined with other strength-based exercises, so it can help build muscle, muscle also burns calories.

Weight loss is a process that requires the right method, high effort and perseverance, when you are overweight, you need to have a plan to implement a methodical weight loss based on eating and exercising as well as a balance of work. work and rest.

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