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Need more forum for students to share

Many confided about the repressed difficulties of the children pupil spent the school year affected by the epidemic. Previously, the average per year National switchboard for child protection 111 received more than 400,000 consultation calls, recently this number increased by about 50%. However, the support resources of the switchboard were already overloaded.

Ms. Le Thi Thao, Deputy Head of the National Switchboard for Child Protection 111, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, said: “Currently, the 111 switchboard cannot be met by human resources, and the line number cannot be met. If possible, schools should actively organize their own forums.”

Noted in Hanoi, after the forum was held on a city-wide scale, schools are actively implementing a variety of activities to listen to students’ voices.

Many creative ideas for building happy schools were proposed by students in the Dewey High School Principal One Day Contest from curriculum organization, reward assessment or school culture.

For students to experience the leadership role of a dream school is considered a creative way for the school and family to listen to their thoughts and aspirations.

Psychological support activities for students are also getting better recently when some schools have school counseling rooms. The standardization of this activity will contribute to creating timely and reliable presentation spaces for students.

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