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“New coach, new gameplay will help U23 Vietnam create a mutation”

In Group C of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, U23 Vietnam is in the same group with U23 Korea, U23 Thailand and U23 Malaysia. In addition to U23 Korea, which is considered too strong and is likely to win the top spot, the second place in the table with the second ticket to the quarterfinals will be a fierce competition between U23 Vietnam with U23 Thailand and U23 Malaysia.

At the 31st SEA Games, which has just ended, U23 Vietnam won against both rivals in Southeast Asia with the same score of 1-0 to successfully defend the gold medal. However, the upcoming rematches will be very different.

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Coach Gong Oh-kyun leads Vietnam U23 to compete in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. Photo: VFF

First, Coach Park Hang-seo said goodbye to U23 Vietnam. Second, 3 players over 23 years old, Hung Dung, Hoang Duc and Tien Linh will not be present. Third, U23 Thailand has had the addition of many talented players playing abroad, so their strength has increased significantly. Fourth, Malaysia U23 still used the force to finish 4th at SEA Games 31, but they cannot be underestimated when U23 Vietnam has lost 3 “elders” who play an extremely important role in the implementation of the gameplay.

However, U23 Vietnam is also making great efforts to prepare to achieve the best effect. The whole team is actively practicing under the guidance of coach Gong Oh-kyun in the UAE and will have a friendly match before moving to Uzbekistan to compete in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

Assessing the situation in Group C of U23 Vietnam, BLV Hoang Hai said: “This is a group that is both difficult and easy. There is only one outstanding team, U23 Korea, so the opportunity to continue will belong to 1. in the 3 teams of Southeast Asia if they know how to make the best use of opportunities.

U23 Vietnam has many players who have just won the 31st SEA Games gold medal will have a certain excitement and confidence. Completing the goal of defending the throne of Southeast Asia, so the players will not be under too much pressure in the continental playground. It is this that can create momentum for U23 Vietnam to play better when meeting very familiar opponents, U23 Thailand and U23 Malaysia.”

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U23 Vietnam is actively training to prepare for the big tournament. Photo: VFF

Commenting on the current force and playing style of U23 Vietnam, BLV Hoang Hai emphasized: “Thailand U23 has changes in personnel, but is still led by coach Polking. U23 Malaysia has not changed. The hot seat continues to be coach Maloney, which means that the gameplay of these two teams almost certainly has not changed much compared to the 31st SEA Games.

Meanwhile, U23 Vietnam has a new coach Gong Oh-kyun. Recent practice sessions show that the Korean strategist is quite psychological, knows how to create cohesion, fun and comfort for the students. Mr. Gong Oh-kyun also affirmed that he wanted to put a personal mark on the gameplay of U23 Vietnam, so the way the team played would also change.

Mr. Gong Oh-kyun’s tactical calculations can help U23 Vietnam create a new feature, a mutation to surprise all opponents in the table. This “weapon” plus a highly focused competitive spirit is enough to bring home 1 of 2 tickets to the quarterfinals for U23 Vietnam.”

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