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Plum picking festival at ‘heaven’s gate’ in Nghe An

Nghe AnVisitors to Ky Son district will be able to hand-pick the first plums of the season, participate in cultural activities, and feel the cool air.

On May 27, Ky Son district People’s Committee held a plum picking festival in Muong Long commune, nearly 300 km from Vinh city. The festival takes place in 3 days (from May 27 to 29). Visitors here can pick their own ripe plums in the gardens of the H’mong people and participate in cultural activities, enjoy highland products such as buffalo, bitter bamboo shoots, ..

Plum picking festival at 'heaven's gate'

Festival activities. Video: Lu Phu

In addition, in these three days, visitors can also watch the beautiful plum contest, make a campfire, take souvenir photos, and fight highland buffalo and cows. The first day of the festival attracted hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Expected two weekends the number of visitors will reach thousands of people.

The Muong Long plum-picking festival is the first festival organized by Ky Son district, in order to attract the attention of investors and create an interaction between agricultural development and tourism. At the same time, this is an opportunity to build new tourism products in Muong Long commune, experience cuisine, perform Mong culture, feel the cool air in Muong Long – where the altitude is 1,500 m above the water level. sea, known as Heaven’s Gate of Nghe.

Tam Hoa plum tree has been planted in Ky Son district for decades from programs and projects to support the eradication of opium poppy. Plums grow in highland communes such as: Muong Long, Nam Can, Dooc May, Na Ngoi, Tay Son, Nam Can, Huoi Tu… In which, Muong Long commune has the largest plum growing area in Nghe An province, with over 30 hectares. . Tam Hoa plum tree was purchased by Ky Son district from Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province.

Upland girls experience plum picking.  Photo: Lu Phu

Upland girls experience plum picking. Image: Lu Phu

Currently, the whole district of Ky Son has more than 46 hectares of plums, of which the area is being harvested about 45 hectares, with a yield of 5 to 7 tons/ha, the harvest is estimated at 150 to 200 tons/year. more than 1 billion VND per year. The plum harvest season of the people in the Ky Son highland district is from May to July every year.

Lu Phu – Hai Binh

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