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See the shimmering color iPhone 14 Pro model, extremely ‘terrible’ camera

The iPhone 14 Pro model appearing in the latest concept video shows that the new iPhone has many changes worth waiting for the upcoming September launch.

As the time of Apple’s new iPhone launch approaches, Apple’s followers are more and more anxious to know more leaked information about the iPhone 14 series.

New iPhone 14 Pro concept video gets an account ios beta news posted on YouTube on May 23, basically, giving the parameters mentioned from previous leaked news.

iphone 14 pro2 1151
iPhone 14 Pro model with many eye-catching colors. Image cut from concept video

Accordingly, this year’s Apple iPhone 14 Pro model will use a pill-shaped punch-hole screen instead of the “rabbit ears” like previous iPhones. This is considered a pretty big change in the design of the new iPhone, after the “notch” screen style has been maintained by Apple for many years since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017.

This year’s iPhone 14 Pro is also expected to have many eye-catching colors, including the purple model that iFans have been waiting for.

iphone 14 pro tim 1152
Purple iPhone 14 version

The “Pro” versions will own the latest A16 Bionic chip. Apple will have many upgrades to the photography capabilities of the iPhone launched this year. The rear camera lens will increase to 48MP instead of 12MP like the previous iPhone. However, it is not clear whether the iPhone 14 Pro has a long-range zoom camera or a periscope lens.

In addition, the leaked news also said iPhone 14’s front camera is 3 times more expensive than iPhone 13′ with autofocus, manufactured by a Korean company.

In the concept video of ios beta news, iPhone 14 Pro will no longer have a physical SIM slot, but will completely use eSIM.

Yesterday’s leaked news said iPhone 14 Pro will have a special screen upgradesupport always-on screen mode.

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone models in September. The new iPhone models launched this year are expected to be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. High-end versions are expected to cost more than every year.

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  1. To tell the truth, I am so glad that I came across your article because I want to update my old iPhone to a new version and I am pondering about purchasing an IPhone 14. It is so wonderful that you created such a laconic, but detailed review, highlighting possible novelties of this model. I think that Apple needs to make the changes visible and significant because, from my point of view, IPhone 12 and 13 are not really different. I think that Apple needs to add to the IPhone 14 special distinctive features and refine it to a great extent. Of course, it should be more expensive and I think that it is not a global problem for Apple’s users, but it is important that this price is justified and you know what you pay for. It will be great to see IPhone 14’s front camera with support for Auto Focus because, in my opinion, it is a necessary thing and it will open new opportunities for people which can increase the demand for this phone.

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