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Seo Ye Ji gets sued

A brand that worked with Seo Ye Ji asked her to compensate for the damage after the scandal of manipulating her boyfriend. However, the actress’s side did not agree.

On May 27, Busan Ilbo reported the actress Seo Ye Ji was sued by a brand she used to cooperate with to claim damages.

Specifically, an unnamed brand (temporarily called A) invited Seo Ye Ji to be an advertising model. However, after the controversy over psychological manipulation of the ex-boyfriend, forging the actress’s profile broke out, A was put on the list of brands to be boycotted by consumers. They were forced to pay the costs incurred to film the entire advertisement with Seo Ye Ji’s appearance.

Gold Medalist – Seo Ye Ji’s management company – disagrees with the compensation offer made by company A. This led to a legal battle between the two sides.

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Seo Ye Ji was sued by a brand to claim damages. Photo: Naver.

The actress’s side said that the allegations she faces in 2021 are not true, therefore, they cannot be used as a reason to terminate the contract, and Seo Ye Ji is not obliged to pay damages.

Gold Medalist shared with Busan Ilbo: “We had a disagreement with brand A about whether Seo Ye Ji violated the contract terms agreed by the two parties. Although we tried our best to find a common voice in peace, the difference between both sides are too big”.

Brand A also expressed its stance with Busan Ilbo: “If the rumor is just a rumor, the actress needs to deny it decisively. Due to the passive reaction from the actress, the company’s image is also affected. The public is not satisfied with the slow explanation. late and criticize her”.

In April 2021, Seo Ye Ji was heavily criticized by the public after Dispatch revealed that the actress was jealous and psychologically manipulated her ex-lover, actor Kim Jung Hyun, thereby making him act. rude to female co-stars. She was also accused of acts of school violence, falsifying academic records, but the management company denied all allegations.

After the scandal, Seo Ye Ji temporarily stopped working. She withdrew from all projects. However, recently, the actress announced her return to the small screen through the lead role in the drama Eve. The movie will be on air from June 10.

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