Sewing a vest in Vietnam is “crazy”, the cheapest in the world

Many foreign newspapers have called Hoi An city of Quang Nam province the garment center of Vietnam. Here, on the crowded and beautiful streets, there are countless tailor shops or selling clothes and fabrics.

In recent years, the fact that skilled craftsmen can make custom-made garments in a very short time and at a reasonable cost in Hoi An has become a tourist attraction. both at home and abroad.

The current fast sewing service is suitable for tourists who are often on the move, short stay.

Adriana and Dylan, a couple of travel vloggers from Sweden and Wales, owners of Youtube channel 2Passports 1Dream shared through a video of their experience of making suits in Hoi An that: “I bought the CHEAPEST suit in the world”.

In Hoi An, Dylan sewed a vest with a vest and Adriana sewed a dress to match her boyfriend’s suit.

Vest is an item that Dylan really wants to own when coming to Vietnam. And although they have only been to Hoi An for a few days, the couple has been invited by many people to sew suits while walking along the streets.

Dylan affirmed that they want to choose a shop to order suits themselves after consulting with those who have gone before because vest is not a cheap item, however. He emphasized his opinion that vest in Hoi An can be said to be the cheapest compared to the whole world.

Take measurements

The couple went to the store they had consulted with many people before. One of the first things in the sewing process is taking measurements.

Adriana honestly shared, she had never been measured like this before. And in turn, Dylan’s body measurements were taken in much more detail. Dylan even had to wear a pair of shorts to measure his legs and was asked to take off his shirt for a photo so the tailor could review his figure during the finishing process.

Surprised foreign guests commented: Making a vest in Vietnam is crazy cheap, the cheapest in the world - Photo 1.

Adriana takes measurements to make skirts

Surprised foreign guests commented: Making a vest in Vietnam is crazy cheap, the cheapest in the world - Photo 2.

The process of taking Dylan’s measurements is much more complicated

Dylan shared that he did not expect to be measured so carefully and never thought that he would have to take off his shirt to see his figure.

The couple was delighted with the unique experience at a tailor shop in Hoi An, and felt even more satisfied when they understood that careful measurement is a must for tailors to create. products are just “as printed” for customers.

Stepping out of the tailor shop, visitors are given an appointment 24 hours later to come back to try on the suit for the first time and adjust the details to suit their body. Dylan exclaims that the price of real clothes is crazy when it takes only 24 hours for customers to try on a vest for the first time and Adriana is constantly amazed at the speed of the shop’s product completion.

Totally satisfied

Adriana and Dylan were extremely pleased with their first fitting. Adriana commented: “This dress is exactly like the picture I gave to the mechanic when describing the style I like. This is the suit in my imagination. Everything is perfect, it’s amazing. I really like it. love this dress. Look at me and Dylan in this couple!”

Surprised foreign guests commented: Making a vest in Vietnam is crazy cheap, the cheapest in the world - Photo 3.

Adriana was very pleased with her 48-hour custom-made dress at the first try on.

Dylan said, this is the first time he has a suit and the feeling is different now. “So cool! It feels great to wear.”

The couple was given an appointment 24 hours after trying to pick up their items.

Re-wearing the suit with the desired details after the previous try, Dylan said: “Things are even better when the suit fits in every detail. This suit makes me feel more confident than any other suit I’ve worn before. The vest is thick, tight, I like so much.”

Out of the store, Adriana said she was like a child on Christmas Day having fun with a new item.

Dylan revealed, the price for the couple’s suit and dress is about 4.6 million. He also added, the price depends a lot on the fabric that the customer chooses, the time, as well as the preference to sew the vest with a vest or not.

Dylan continued to say “This is crazy.” When commenting on the prices for items in Hoi An, especially for the suit, he was completely satisfied. htm

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