Shell launches TVC ‘Perseverance with Vietnamese spirit’

Recently, Shell – a reputable lubricant brand launched TVC “Durable with Vietnamese spirit” with stories on all roads across the country. The journey with Vietnamese people is a journey of countless choking emotions with different ups and downs.

Not only is the endurance on every journey, it is also the perseverance in the spirit of sports, perseverance in the effort to conquer all difficulties and challenges. Believing in these values, Shell is honored to be the sponsor of broadcasting 6 matches of the Vietnamese men’s football team at SEA Games 31 on VTC3 TV channel and VTC Now digital platforms.

With this activity, Shell wishes to send the warmest cheers to the players and wish the Vietnamese team to always be strong, courageous and passionate.

On the journey of accompanying Vietnamese people, Shell saw the strength of the spirit of persistence – persistently pursuing dreams, persistently accepting challenges, persistently going to the future. Like Shell, enduring on a 15-year journey to maintain its position as the World’s No. 1 Lubricant Supplier. And to mark this important milestone, the Shell brand launched a campaign with the meaningful message “Perseverance with Vietnamese spirit”.

Shell launches TVC 'Durable with Vietnamese spirit' - 1

TVC “Perseverance with Vietnamese spirit” (Photo: Shell Vietnam) – Watch TVC at Shell’s fanpage.

Shell launches TVC 'Durable with Vietnamese spirit' - 2

Shell Advance – Perseverance with the Vietnamese spirit moving forward (Photo: Shell Vietnam).

Along with that persistent spirit, Shell launched a new product, Shell Advance Fuel Save (Shell Advance Fuel Saver) with the strong point of helping cars save gas. As announced by Shell Vietnam, Shell Advance Petrol Saver oil has a viscosity of 10W-30 which helps to save gasoline and reduce friction by 20% compared to mineral base oils.

This is thanks to the use of 100% synthetic base oils produced from pure, liquefied natural gas and with low friction properties. With this product, the brand wants every driver to be able to sustainably hold the gas pedal, constantly moving forward.

Shell launches TVC 'Durable with Vietnamese spirit' - 3

Shell Advance Fuel-saving series has 1 liter and 0.8 liter types, for scooters and digital cars (Photo: Shell Vietnam)

Shell launches TVC 'Durable with Vietnamese spirit' - 4

Users change oil Shell Advance Fuel Save (Photo: Shell Vietnam).

Shell launches TVC 'Durable with Vietnamese spirit' - 5

Shell has been the world’s number one lubricant supplier for the past 15 years and is a strategic partner of many major car manufacturers around the world. With a network of research centers spread around the world and in-depth cooperation with leading partners, Shell understands the needs of engines and offers high quality products for engines operating in all areas. condition.

Learn more about Shell’s lubricant products at: https://www.shell.com.vn/motorists/oils-lubricants.html

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