Shortness of breath, shoulder and arm pain

Lung cancer is on the rise. However, early diagnosis can help reduce the risk of death and prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body.

Cough a lot

If the cough persists for 2-3 weeks without any viral or bacterial illness, it’s a sign that you should see your doctor. A persistent cough that leads to hoarseness, a hoarseness that lasts for several weeks can’t be caused by a lung problem, such as pneumonia, a lung infection. The more severe inflammation in the lungs will lead to lung cancer if not treated promptly.

Some patients will cough up blood if the tumor is close to the bronchi. So if you cough up blood or have small amounts of unexplained red-brown sputum, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Shortness of breath, pain in shoulders and hands - early signs of lung cancer - 1

Pain in the hands, shoulders and fingers is one of the many early signs of lung cancer (Artwork: K Hospital)

Shortness of breath

Feeling short of breath is an early sign of lung cancer, although shortness of breath often presents in later stages of the disease, when the tumor obstructs the airway. If you suddenly find it difficult to breathe after climbing stairs when you haven’t before, you should see your doctor.

Pain in hands, shoulders and fingers

When the tumor is at the top of the lung, the invasion of the chest wall and nerves causes pain in the shoulder and arm. This group of symptoms is called Pancoast syndrome. In addition, when the cancer at the top of the lung has invaded the sympathetic nervous system, it will also cause some symptoms such as drooping eyelids, constricted pupils or sunken eyes.

Unusual mood swings

When you feel that you easily change your mood quickly, or are angry, upset, tired and even depressed… then you are most likely at risk of lung cancer or some kind of cancer. Because cancer can disrupt the endocrine system, it stimulates the nerves that control emotions.

Unexplained rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss with no known cause, or not related to cutting calories or exercising… is most likely caused by disease, including cancer. If you feel that you have no appetite, it is easier to conclude that the cause is a tumor inside the body, not except a tumor in the lung leading to lung cancer. The tumor will suddenly increase the metabolism in the body and cause rapid weight loss.

Abnormalities in breast tissues

This sign is more common in men, it is an abnormally enlarged breast area caused by cancer cells that stimulate hormone secretion abnormally. However, women should also not ignore this because it is most likely caused by lung cancer cells or cancer in other parts.

Frequent infections

Lung cancer can cause infections that affect breathing, leading to illnesses like bronchitis or other chronic infections. If you have a chronic middle lung infection, it’s a good idea to take the time to get a chest x-ray to see if you’re at risk for lung cancer.

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