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Suspected bank robbery failed in Hai Phong prosecuted

Dao Anh Tuan, the owner of a street stall doing business at a loss, was prosecuted and detained for the act of bringing a gun into a bank with the intention of robbing money to repay a debt.

Suspect Tuan temporarily resides on Le Loi Street and is being investigated for robbery, said Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Viet Anh, Head of the Hai Phong Public Security Bureau.

The suspect Dao Anh Tuan (right in the middle) was prosecuted and detained for allegedly using a gun to rob a bank on Lach Tray Street, on the afternoon of May 11.  Photo: Hai Phong Police

The suspect Dao Anh Tuan (right in the middle), the afternoon of 11/5. Image: HaiPhong’s policemen

According to an investigation by Ngo Quyen District Police, on the afternoon of May 11, Tuan wore sun-protective clothing, a mask that covered almost his face, hid a gun that shot bullets more than half a meter long in a sports bag and asked someone to help him. Neighbors drove them to the transaction office of Vietinbank, Hai Phong branch at 72 Lach Tray Street.

The suspect pulled out a gun and rattled the bullets in order to intimidate the bank staff and force them to give money. A quick-witted employee rang the alarm and Tuan panicked and ran out. Seeing no sign of the police, Tuan turned back and continued to raise his gun to threaten to force the money to be delivered immediately, but was not met.

When the alarm bells rang incessantly, he ran into Lane 72 Lach Tray, broke into a factory and threatened security guards to get his motorbike but failed. Tuan continued to run away, when he discovered an AirBlade motorbike rider, he called back and hitchhiked to the 25/229 corner of Du Hang Kenh street, Le Chan district.

Tuan got off the car, walked to lane 173 Hang Kenh street (Ly Tiem alley), changed clothes before going home.

At 19:20′ on the same day, the suspect was about to have dinner when he was arrested by Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Anh, the captain of the Criminal Police Department of Ngo Quyen District Police and 4 policemen. The revolver and 5 bullets were confiscated.

At the police station, Tuan declared that the pandemic lasted for two years, causing the family’s sidewalk beer shop to close. Husband and wife have no job, no income, have to borrow interest to make a living, so the debt is piled up. Being demanded by creditors, Tuan had an intention to rob a bank.

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