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The 25-year-old girl has 5 children, her mother-in-law does not give birth control pills because it will get worse

Every times pregnant, childbirth, the physical and mental health of the mother will be more or less damaged. Therefore, obstetricians recommend that mothers should not give birth to too many children and especially avoid pregnancy continuously in a short time. However, the young mother below accepts to give birth continuously just because she believes in her mother-in-law’s words.

Specifically, on May 15, the Indonesian media simultaneously reported on a case of a 25-year-old woman who was about to give birth to her fifth child. A medical worker named Bi Aini shared the story. This is on social media. This nurse said that her clinic recently received a case of 9 months pregnant woman. She comes from a small village in the North of Indonesia.

The 25-year-old girl has 5 children, her mother-in-law does not give birth control pills because amp;#34;will get worseamp;#34;  - first

The nurse named Bi Aini shared about the case of a 25-year-old pregnant woman who was pregnant for the 5th time and attracted a lot of attention.

What caught this nurse’s attention was that even though she was only 25 years old, this was her 5th pregnancy. The young mother confided that only 3 months after giving birth to her fourth child, she discovered she was pregnant again. When asked by the doctor why she didn’t use birth control pills to get pregnant and have a planned birth, the woman revealed that she had never taken birth control pills, so she had just given birth “well” from the day of her wedding. Her mother-in-law said that women who take oral contraceptives will get worse, so it is forbidden to use them. She was young and inexperienced in this matter, so she believed her grandmother and did not dare to drink.

After that, the doctors had to explain to this woman about the risks and risks that she might face if she kept getting pregnant and giving birth. At the same time, the doctor also advised her about the benefits of birth control pills and the possible side effects when using it, in which there is absolutely nothing that makes the user worse.

The 25-year-old girl has 5 children, her mother-in-law does not give birth control pills because amp;#34;will get worseamp;#34;  - 2

The mother is constantly pregnant because she does not dare to take birth control pills for fear of worsening as her mother-in-law said.

The video of nurse Bi Aini then went viral on the Internet and attracted nearly 900,000 viewers and comments. Many people expressed shock: “25 years old has 5 children, I am still going to school”, “Having 5 children, can’t imagine how tired she is”, “Pregnancy is one thing, you still have to take care of and raise children. Take birth control pills”, “Young people should learn knowledge by themselves, not most listen to adults because they think they have experience. Sometimes their experience isn’t right either,”…

Side effects of birth control pills

The main ingredients in the pill are Estrogen and Progesterone, two female sex hormones that thicken the cervical mucus, so sperm cannot swim. towards the uterus. Therefore, ovulation will not occur to fertilize.

When using birth control pills, users may experience some unwanted side effects, usually these side effects will disappear in a short time. The common side effects of using emergency contraception and daily oral contraceptives are as follows:

Bleeding between periods: This is one of the most common side effects of birth control pills. This is because the body changes hormones or the uterus adjusts so that the endometrium is thinner. Abnormal vaginal bleeding will occur between cycles. However, in the case of vaginal bleeding for more than 5 days when taking birth control pills or heavy bleeding for 3 days or more, you should see a doctor for appropriate treatment.

– Nausea: Some women when using oral contraceptives have side effects of nausea, but this side effect will subside after a while. To limit nausea, women can take oral contraceptives at bedtime. In case of severe nausea, lasting more than 3 months, you should go to a medical facility for guidance.

Breast pain: Breast pain is one of the side effects of emergency contraception and daily birth control pills. This is because birth control pills cause enlargement of the mammary glands leading to the breasts, which usually goes away on their own after a few weeks.

Headaches: The hormones present in birth control pills increase the risk of headaches for users. Depending on the type of drug, it will cause different symptoms.

Weight gain and mood swings: Birth control pills can cause water retention in the body, which in turn causes weight gain. These birth control pills contribute to mood and emotional changes in women.

Missed period: A side effect of daily oral contraceptives and emergency contraceptive pills is a missed period, which can be caused by stress or hormonal abnormalities. If a period is late or the amount of bleeding is low when using oral contraceptives, the user should take a pregnancy test before starting the next dose.

Decreased or increased sex drive: The problem of decreased sex drive is a common side effect of birth control pills in women, if this situation persists, you should consult a medical professional. . In some cases, birth control pills can increase libido and relieve pain in dysmenorrhea, endometriosis…

Vaginal discharge changes: Vaginal discharge may increase or decrease when using oral contraceptives. In case the vagina is dry, you can use more lubricants to make sex more comfortable and easier to achieve.

Eye changes: Birth control pills cause hormonal changes and are associated with thickening of the cornea.

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