The 59-year-old beauty of Princess Thien Truc ‘Journey to the West’ surprised netizens

Sina Reportedly on May 25, actress Ly Linh Ngoc shared a song video Thien Truc girl to your personal page. The song is one of the outstanding songs in Ly Linh Ngoc’s musical career.

In addition, the actress dressed up with the image of Princess Thien Truc in the movie Journey to the west 1986. Ly Linh Ngoc’s video received thousands of comments, in which, many viewers praised her young, elegant, still sweet voice.

“When the music pops up, I remember the old memories of watching Journey to the West, an unforgettable time”, “Remember the old days when I loved you monsters no less than Ton Ngo Khong”, “The chimpanzee is always the most beautiful girl “, “Ly Linh Ngoc has such a sweet smile and voice”… Comments from many viewers.

Follow Sina, to keep her slim figure at the age of 59, the actress works hard at yoga and eats healthy. Currently, Ly Linh Ngoc still performs, sometimes she plays supporting roles in films such as The World of Mothers, Hei Ha Phong Van, Phi Phi Life… Besides, Ly Linh Ngoc often makes videos to interact with the audience.

Sina movie commentary Journey to the west and the roles in it have become part of the audience’s memory. Nearly 40 years have passed since the broadcast, each character is remembered and loved by viewers. Actors also often reprise their characters on television shows.

Ly Linh Ngoc, originally from a Chinese troupe as a singer, has a clear voice. She was named “The Queen of Light Music” and has won many prestigious music awards many times. Song Thien Truc girl in Journey to the west 1986 performed by Ly Linh Ngoc became one of the most loved soundtracks, still making the audience sobbing every time they listen to it.

In Journey to the west In 1986, she took on two roles Ngoc Tho Tinh (Ngoc Thou Ngoc fled to the ceiling to make a mess) and Princess Thien Truc in Journey to the West 1986. Ly Linh Ngoc was assigned both roles by female director Duong Khiet thanks to her noble charisma, Charming like a princess and sparkling eyes like a rabbit, theo Sina.

Ly Linh Ngoc experienced two marriages. In 2005, Ly Linh Ngoc brought her son back to China to live. After that, she opened the cultural company Thien Dia Hoa Ngoc, returned to singing, and released a new album. In addition, Ly Linh Ngoc also invested in opening a film production company. In 2018, over Sina, the actress denied divorcing her businessman husband. She said the two live separately because they want to give each other their own space and develop the career they want.

Currently, Ly Linh Ngoc lives in Beijing, and her son is studying abroad in Canada. On her personal page, the actress often shares her optimistic daily life. She said her son is passionate about singing like his mother and plans to join showbiz after completing his studies.

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