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The “beautiful love story” man is now struggling to rewrite his life after two divorces

At the age of 58, Brad Pitt The romantic day is still extremely stylish, still the man with the look that the women in Hollywood fall in love with. Nearly 60 years old, youthful features have been replaced by experienced wrinkles, old romantic hair is now messy. But perhaps it all makes for a more attractive Brad Pitt at the age of 58.

No one knows that the man “how has he been? is in love with who knows who?”.

Two marriages caused Hollywood storms

Brad Pitt is not a man born instantly famous. At the age of 20 when Tom Cruise was famous, in a shabby studio, Brad Pitt was still modeling for an unknown photographer. But after a few years, the world had to name the sexiest man in the world – Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Possessing a perfect facial structure, deep blue eyes as if containing an autumn lake, and an ideal body and height, Brad Pitt is the dream man of girls.

Even so, the man is still a lonely man after two marriages.

It is quite special that both Brad Pitt’s marriages are always the focus of the media and fans.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Brad Pitt used to be married to Jennifer Aniston, that marriage seemed to be the sweetest home in Hollywood. They are young, beautiful and are all famous around the world, considered the ideal model for a happy couple in Hollywood.

However, when the sky cleared, there was a sudden thunderstorm when Brad Pitt “falls in love” with Angelina Jolie when the two collaborated on a movie. In 2005, Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce when she saw a photo of Brad, Angelina and their son Maddox in the Kenyan sea.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Three months after the divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went out to Africa and the star couple gradually made their relationship public, despite criticism for the affair.

The 10-year love affair with Angelina Jolie helped Brad Pitt become a groom once more. During the period from love to marriage, Brad Pitt deserves to be called a “beautiful love” man with countless speeches that are considered love models.

But no wonder, after 2 years of officially being husband and wife, they also suddenly broke up. Angelina Jolie is also not the last woman in Brad Pitt’s life.

58-year-old Brad Pitt struggles with his ex-wife

After the divorce, Brad Pitt lost all custody of his children, including his and Angelina Jolie’s common children and adopted children. About this, for Brad Pitt it was a huge crisis.

After the sweet comes the bittersweet.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Brad Pitt once admitted, after the divorce he spent months without touching the ground. With just one divorce announcement of Angelina Jolie, the image of the sexiest man in the world, the admirable husband, and the great father of Brad Pitt instantly melted into a soap bubble.

Throughout the years since their divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have always been in a battle for custody of their children. From the male lead – the female lead in a beautiful love story, stepping out of the limelight they became the two most mundane people with a marriage battle like any other.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s persistent child custody dispute is perhaps the most hurtful of the children.

After divorcing Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt appeared in GQ newspaper with tearful blue eyes, dry lips with traces of time to tell about his life.

Brad Pitt said, after the divorce he was able to quit drinking, something that he thought was impossible before, And of course, this is considered a happy story but it is sad that what he lost is a family.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

During the months of the divorce, what Brad Pitt was most afraid of was that bad information about himself appeared in the press, not because of him but because of the children.

“I think for my kids when they read that, and their friends will make wild guesses. Of course the people who posted the false information didn’t do any research or care at all about the people who would be misinformed. involved, because after all, they do it to sell news. It hurts when my children read such sensational information. I wish the slideshow of me in their eyes could be more balanced, There’s the good, there’s the bad.” Brad Pitt shared.

Brad Pitt's 58 years old: The

Perhaps Brad Pitt’s reputation over the decades is enough for every twist in his love life to appear in the press.

Since the divorce from Angelina Jolie, there are countless names appearing next to Brad Pitt, love rumors are constantly being mentioned. Today, I saw a rumor that Brad Pitt was dating this person, tomorrow I will see Brad Pitt next to that person.

58-year-old Brad Pitt is still struggling to rewrite his life.

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