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The case of the girl on the railway shook the country of cherry blossoms

JapanTamaki, 7, disappeared on her way home from school when she was only 300 meters away from home. The baby’s body was found after the train accident, but the police discovered many suspicious points.

At 15:15 on May 7, 2018, Tamaki Omomo, a 2nd grader in Niigata city, and her classmates walked home as usual. At the intersection, Tamaki Omomo said goodbye to his friends and walked towards his house in the Kobari area, just a few hundred meters away. However, the parents waited and did not see the baby back, and together with the police organized a search but to no avail.

Around 10:30 p.m. on the same day, the train driver, when he arrived in Kobari area, suddenly saw someone on the tracks, hurriedly pulled the brake, but it was too late. The victim was Tamaki Omomo.

At the scene, just a few dozen meters from her house, Tamaki Omomo’s pale pink school bag burst open, and books were scattered everywhere. But through the position of the girl when she was thrown off the tracks, the police discovered something unusual.

When hit by a train, a normal person will produce a conditioned reflex, a posture that cannot be like hers. Moreover, in addition to the injuries caused by the train, there were also marks of strangulation on the neck. Police believe that Tamaki Omomo was most likely murdered before the accident.

Police at the scene where the body was found.  Photo: Toutiao

Police at the scene where the body was found. Image: Toutiao

At 4:30 p.m. on May 8, the day after the case, the Niigata police convened a press conference, declaring it a murder.

According to analysis, only 300 meters from the intersection to the house, on this way, Tamaki Omomo met the perpetrator, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

10 minutes before the train hit the girl, another train passed through this stretch of road, but there was no one on the track. This means that the killer placed the body on the track for about 10 minutes. That shows that the perpetrator is knowledgeable in the area, can block the way to kidnap the girl on the way home from school, quickly hide in a discreet place, can adjust the time set on the railway, and promptly hide himself. discovered by others.

A week after the incident, a 23-year-old man named Haruka Kobayashi was arrested by the police for having a very high suspicion. Many witnesses confirmed that, on the day of discovering the case, they saw a suspicious black car appear near the place where the body was dumped. Police extracted cameras on both ends of the road, finding a suspicious vehicle. It was Haruka Kobayashi’s car.

Around 7am on July 14, the police stopped Haruka’s car on the highway. He did not protest, seemed to know why, but when the car stopped, he immediately lit a bag of coal on the car, seemingly intending to commit suicide.

Arrested, Haruka admits to murdering Tamaki Omomo. On the day of the crime, Tamaki Omomo was walking home alone, Haruka drove up to it, stopped quickly, overpowered her and pulled her into the car. Arriving in the parking lot, he performed lewd acts while knocking the victim unconscious.

After a while, the girl woke up. Haruka Kobayashi continued to commit crimes, strangled. At 10 o’clock at night, he put on clothes, shoes and socks, put a briefcase on the body, brought him near the previous kidnapping site, faked the accident.

His house was only 100 meters from the victim’s house.

Haruka Kobayashi.  Photo: Toutiao

Haruka Kobayashi. Image: Toutiao

Haruka works as an electrical installer for projects, highly appreciated by colleagues in the company, has social competence, and is serious at work. However, a high school classmate revealed that Haruka was addicted to games and once abused a little girl.

On November 22, 2019, the prosecutor’s office asked the Niigata court to impose the death penalty on Haruka.

Haruka’s defense attorney denied that his client attempted murder. The strangulation is only to make the victim faint, not to kill, so this act belongs to the crime of intentionally causing injury leading to death.

The results of Haruka’s mental assessment were completely normal. From the time he was arrested to the court, he still did not have a penitent attitude, nor did he apologize to the girl’s family.

On December 4 of the same year, the Niigata court sentenced Haruka to life in prison. In September 2020, both the victim’s family and the perpetrator appealed to the Tokyo high court, but it was rejected at the last appeal hearing in March.

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