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The familiar farewell “for the sake of the career, for the work…” and the high-handed revenge of Polina Nioly

Modern women are very different from the women of the past. People who were once considered “weak and weak”, “just stay at home”, “easy to bully, or tolerate” have now turned into stronger, more independent and especially capable versions. You can decide your own life.

Polina Nioly is typical of such a new age girl. She is a film producer and is currently with a team of other producers filming Hounds of War – a thriller genre film that is expected to be released in late 2022.

Besides being a film director, Polina is also a young influencer with Instagram with 1.4 million followers. A special highlight when visiting Polina’s personal page is the confident introduction: “I’m a millionaire… My Insta Page Will Change Your Life”.

The familiar farewell

Image of the character Polina Nioly.

True to Polina’s introduction of “being a millionaire”, she regularly posts on TikTok sharing videos about her luxurious and luxurious daily life. In a video, Polina shares about her expenses in a day in Paris, the number of up to 4 thousand Euro can shock many people! Along with trips around the world and beauty services, daily shopping, Polina really knows how to love and pamper herself.

But did not expect that in the past, this confident, talented and beautiful girl had been mercilessly “kicked” by a guy. On one occasion, Polina returned old love It was not a cry or sadness, but her “high-handed” revenge against the man who broke up with her for extremely unbelievable reasons.

Boyfriend broke up because of

Beautiful female director.

Accordingly, in this appearance, the beautiful girl gives a brief introduction: “This is me when my ex asked to break up because I want to focus on work and career development. And now I’m dating the director of the company he works for.”

It turns out that the reason Polina’s ex-boyfriend gave when he broke up with her was that he wanted to focus on work. She accepted the breakup but years later she rewrote the ending by dating his boss. And what’s more remarkable, after several years of focusing on his work, he still hasn’t made any progress. Therefore, the girl decided to fall in love with her ex’s boss – the more successful man.

Needless to say, when his ex-boyfriend found out about this ending, he felt overwhelmed.

Obviously, the beautiful female director brought a really unexpected ending to her breakup. However, no matter what, when the feelings are over, the decision to break up is normal. Out of love but still holding on, the new problem is much bigger.

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