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The first male god Kangta HOT married actress Jung Yumi

Korean showbiz continued to receive good news when Kangta and Jung Yumi confirmed their marriage after 2 years of dating.

Recently, Korean media published exclusive information that male singer Kangta and actress Jung Yoo Mi will get married this fall.

The first male god Kangta (HOT) married actress Jung Yumi-1

2022 can be said to be a busy year to get married with Korean showbiz when a series of artists got married, like Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin, Choi Tae Joon – Park Shin Hye, Son Dam Bi…

Kangta and Jung Yoo Mi made their relationship public in February 2020. After a while, the couple decided to meet the two families and move on to marriage.

The first male god Kangta (HOT) married actress Jung Yumi-2

The news that the two stars are in the same house has received many blessings from the audience, especially when Kangta is one of the first male gods in the hearts of many girls.

Kangta was born in 1979, real name is Ahn Chil Hyun. He debuted in 1996 as the main vocalist of the group HOT under SM Entertainment. They are considered to be the first K-pop idol group and become legendary, the model for many later K-pop groups.

In early 2001, the group held the HOT 227 Forever Concert at Jamsil Olympic, which was dubbed the “sanctuary” that made many idols want to set foot in their careers.

The first male god Kangta (HOT) married actress Jung Yumi-3
Kangta (black hair) is a member of the legendary group HOT

This concert was so influential that the Korean Ministry of Education was forced to issue a document prohibiting students from leaving school to go to concerts, and the Seoul city government sent a whole team of police to keep order.

After HOT disbanded, Kangta continued to work as a solo singer, actor and is currently the director of SM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Jung Yoo Mi was born in 1984, has participated in many movies such as Six Flying Dragons, Partners For Justice, Rooftop Prince…

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