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The girl whose ears ‘grab’ objects

JapanNot only wearing jewelry, Ayumi Takada’s elastic ears can be used to fix a photo stick, hold a pen and write letters.

37-year-old woman from Tokyo, owns 5cm long ears. In particular, Ayumi Takada easily curls the earlobe to grasp objects as easily as a third arm.

Ayumi Takada uses her earlobe to secure her selfie stick.  Photo: Compass Media/Ayumi Takada

Ayumi Takada uses her ears to “hold” a camera stick. Image: Compass Media/Ayumi Takada

Takada said he first noticed his unusual talent when he was in elementary school. “It was a heavy rainy day, my hands had to carry heavy things and couldn’t hold an umbrella. And I tried to roll my ears around the umbrella handle to keep it in place. That’s when my “superpower” was discovered.” , she said.

Thanks to his special ears, Takada’s arms are used for other things like carrying things or comfortably posing for photos.

Looking at the stretched and stretched earlobes, many people asked her “does it hurt”. But Takada says he doesn’t feel pain. “They will stretch themselves when I want to hold and fix something. And retract when the function expires,” she explained.

Ayumi Takada used her ear instead of her hand to hold a pen to write.  Photo: Compass Media/Ayumi Takada

Ayumi Takada uses her earlobe instead of a pen to write. Image: Compass Media/Ayumi Takada

Doctors have not been able to explain why Takada has special ears, but she believes that this trait is inherited from her mother. “Besides, I usually stretch the ear when the baby is sleepy and can make it elastic as well as it is now,” Takada said.

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