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The ‘old fashioned’ T-62s suddenly appeared on the territory of Ukraine

May 27, 2022 08:15 GMT+7

According to Avia.pro, recently a train carrying T-62 tanks that did not serve in the official payroll of the Ukrainian and Russian armies for more than 20 years was filmed by locals.

It is known that these T-62 tanks were officially used by the Soviet Union in the 60s of the last century and starting in the 2000s, later both Ukraine and Russia were no longer used in the army, due to Then some questions were raised about the owners of these devices when they appeared on the territory of Ukraine.

In the introduced video, a giant train can be seen transporting T-62 tanks. The exact number of tanks shipped is not disclosed, but based on the video it can be determined that there are at least 28.

The condition of the T-62 tanks is still unknown, but according to experts, they are completely vulnerable to anti-tank weapons, mines, hand grenade launchers and even high-class machine guns. heavy.

It is not known exactly where the above video frames were recorded in Ukraine, however, many experts believe that such military equipment is completely unsuitable for effectively conducting modern military operations. .

To date, the T-62 tank is in service in 14 countries, but neither Russia nor Ukraine officially have this military equipment.

The T-62 main tank is a deeply improved version of the T-55 main tank, the T-62 tank had a “fashionable” design at the time of its launch, with a low center of gravity, small size and superior firepower.

Previously, Russian military generals said that the remaining T-62 tanks in the service of this force will soon be replaced by improved versions of T-14 or T-90.

Compared to current standards, the T-62 tank with its 115mm cannon fire system is no longer capable of fighting against modern armor, with explosive reactive armor or active protection systems. , is very popular nowadays.

The most outstanding feature of this tank comes from its very light weight, about 37 tons, which allows it to operate in many complex terrains, without requiring too much on the road and bridge system when marching.

In addition, with the tasks of supporting infantry fire, attacking fortifications or dealing with rebels, the T-62 tank is still capable of very good and effective performance.

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