This small piece of plastic can “save” your wrist health after hours of working at the computer

Evaluation of the mouse pad, an ergonomic item everyone should have?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a “chronic” disease of office workers. Having to use the mouse for a long time puts pressure on the blood vessels in the wrist, which can cause pain in the hands and fingers for a long time.

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Besides adjusting the height of the table and chair so that the hands can be placed more directly in front of the mouse, another way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to use an extra mouse wrist pad, like ours. are here.

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The product’s idea is simple: it’s a piece of plastic to raise the wrist higher, help relieve pressure and bring the sleeve to a more straight posture when using the mouse – similar to the keyboard palm rests. wood or leather. It is made of a soft rubber material, which will also get dirty if your hands sweat a lot, but just wipe it gently with a tissue to clean it.

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The advantage of this product compared to other types of hand cushions integrated into the touchpad is that the bottom surface has 4 sliding feet, which will move according to the user’s hand instead of being fixed in one place. Some similar products abroad are also advertised as “for gamers” because of this ability to move with the mouse, but I still find it more suitable for office work.

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From this angle, you can clearly see the curve of the accessory. When you place your hand on the fleshy part near the thumb, it will be in the small groove, the rest of the hand will be in the long groove.

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Is it good to use this accessory in practice? During the first use, I felt a bit “stretched”, we would have to adjust to properly place the hand with its 2 grooves every time we put our hand in to use the mouse. Those who move the mouse with their whole wrist (instead of stretching and stretching their fingers) may feel a little slower, because now the hand has to bring another accessory instead of just the mouse. .

If you only work for 15-20 minutes, it will not be as effective as placing your hands directly on the table. However, with the days when I sit for a long time, with software that uses the mouse a lot, it is true that it has a clear effect. My wrist is not “reaching” from the table top to the mouse, so the pressure is somewhat reduced, not having to do “wrist rotation exercise” too often anymore.

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That’s not to say it’s a perfect accessory. The version we can buy in Vietnam has only 1 size, while some foreign brands sell many types for different hand sizes, so if your hands are too small or too big, you can’t use them. comfortable.

Besides, it can only be used with right-handed people, left-handed mouse users will be “out of the way”. This problem actually exists in the design of mice already, most mice today are made for the right hand.

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So in the end, is the product worth the money to buy? We recommend that you adjust the height of the table and chair to have the most comfortable mouse position, these are 2 important adjustment steps that you should do first. But if you’ve done all these steps but your wrists are still numb after long working days, then buy this wrist rest to try it out.

This small piece of plastic can

The product has a selling price of about 95,000 VND to 100,000 VND, which is also cheap enough to buy and try and if it doesn’t fit, it’s not too expensive. The “genuine” options from abroad that we refer to are much more expensive, up to 30 Euros or 750,000 VND.

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