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U50 got married with a young wife thanks to Son Ye Jin, always worried about her best friend Park Yong Ha

Referring to the male talents from the latest marriage in Korea, it is indispensable for “Park Chul Woong” So Ji Sub. Born in 1977, So Ji Sub along with Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Won Bin are the best actors of Korean cinema in the last century with a series of classic works.

When it comes to So Ji Sub, the public often remembers him as Park Chul Woong in the classic drama.Glass shoes“. Although he has many successful films in the future, perhaps no character will surpass this classic role.

In terms of love, the actor was only married to a young wife 17 years younger than him 2 years ago. If male actors at the same time were often rumored or publicly dating, So Ji Sub’s love life was completely empty during 20 years in Kbiz. However, the actor had a brief first love with his “Glass Shoes” co-star Kim Hyun Joo.

The man Park Chul Woong of Glass Shoes: U50 should have a relationship with his young wife thanks to Son Ye Jin, always worried about his best friend Park Yong Ha - Photo 2.

U50 got a young wife thanks Son Ye Jin

In So Ji Sub’s life, the two most mentioned women are probably his wife Cho Eun Jung and first love Kim Hyun Joo.

If Cho Eun Jung’s wife was officially made public, the love story with the beauty “Shoe Glass” Kim Hyun Joo only took place in silence. This first love of So Ji Sub took place and ended in silence, no one knew. Before creating success together with “Glass Shoes”, So Ji Sub and Kim Hyun Joo spent time together since they were still unknown young artists.

The couple fell in love after collaborating on a TV sitcom in 1998. So Ji Sub and Kim Hyun Joo even traveled to the Philippines together, then made their relationship public with their families. So Ji Sub also did not hesitate to bring Kim Hyun Joo to her sister’s wedding. Just with this action, it was enough to know that the actor at that time was extremely serious in this relationship.

The guy Park Chul Woong of Glass Shoes: U50 should be with his young wife thanks to Son Ye Jin, always worried about his best friend Park Yong Ha - Photo 3.

However, this relationship was not approved by the two families, so dating became more and more difficult. Not long after that, the two also said goodbye in regret. However, it is not clear whether it was due to pressure from family or because of the beginning of fame. The exact cause is still known only to the insiders. Despite breaking up, the two still maintain a professional working attitude. The proof is that the two still work well together and create success for “Shoe Glass”.

The only person publicly acknowledged by So Ji Sub is his current wife, female MC Cho Eun Jung. The couple has known each other since April 2018, when Cho Eun Jung was the one to interview the two main actors of “Be with you” Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub for SBS. When the two publicly dated, many people thought back to So Ji Sub’s previous answer about the ideal type of girlfriend. “I like girls with beautiful legs. I like her with long hair and about 1m68 tall.” Many people believe that this is one of the factors that helped Cho Eun Jung catch So Ji Sub’s eye.

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So Ji Sub and his wife Cho Eun Jung were caught dating before it was officially announced.

The couple officially publicly dated in May 2019 after being revealed by Dispatch having a romantic evening together at a cafe in Hannamdong, Seoul. In it, the male actor graciously went to the shop to buy coffee for his girlfriend. After that, they went for a walk and chatted happily with each other. By 2020, the two will officially return to the same house with a marriage declaration. There was no lavish wedding ceremony held, instead the couple decided to donate 50 million Won (1 billion VND) to support children’s education during the epidemic season.

The guy Park Chul Woong of Glass Shoes: U50 should be with his young wife thanks to Son Ye Jin, always worried about his best friend Park Yong Ha - Photo 5.

Sitting next to a goddess like Son Ye Jin, So Ji Sub completely ignored his wife Hyun Bin and only looked at the MC wife who was 17 years younger than him.

A promise every year with a best friend

In addition to the love story, So Ji Sub is also mentioned a lot in his friendship with the late actor Park Yong Ha. Both are Seoul boys of the 1977 generation, both entering the entertainment industry at the age of 17-18 thanks to their outstanding and handsome appearance.

As the son of Park Seung In, a famous Korean producer, Park Yong Ha’s artistic path is more favorable than his best friend So Ji Sub. Because in 1994, Park Yong Ha had her debut role in the MBC drama Theme Theater. As for So Ji Sub, the actor, who was originally a swimmer at the national level, then turned to entertainment activities, so he struggled much more. It took 2 years after entering the profession, So Ji Sub received a small role in the popular TV series “Model”. Even working in a competitive industry, So Ji Sub and Park Yong Ha still maintain a close friendship.

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So Ji Sub was in pain on the day of seeing off his best friend – the late actor Park Yong Ha.

But everything changed after actor Park Yong Ha passed away at the age of 33 on June 30, 2010. His sudden departure left fans, the public as well as family, friends and colleagues deeply saddened. On the day of seeing off Park Yong Ha, So Ji Sub was the one holding a photo of a close friend with a lost face and puffy eyes from crying a lot.

Not only holding a photo, but So Ji Sub is also the one who takes care of everything for his best friend’s aftermath. The image of So Ji Sub holding a photo of his best friend while crying made the public very sad. So Ji Sub himself once shared with the media about his mental breakdown for a long time after the departure of Park Yong Ha. “We are good brothers. I don’t understand why he acts like this even though I’m always by his side,” So Ji Sub said.

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On the day of Park Yong Ha’s death anniversary, people will see So Ji Sub alone going to a close friend’s grave to confide.

Every year on the anniversary of Park Yong Ha’s death, fans will always see the image of a tall man sitting next to the grave of the ill-fated actor at dawn. That is the actor So Ji Sub. Although 11 years have passed, So Ji Sub still keeps that habit. Fans also revealed that, every time So Ji Sub leaves the grave of her best friend, So Ji Sub’s eyes are puffy. The image of So Ji Sub sitting quietly in front of the grave of actor Park Yong Ha made the online community feel sad. It can be seen that the friendship between So Ji Sub and Park Yong Ha is extremely close. ve-ban-than-park-yong-ha-20220525142658284.chn

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