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‘Underground Storm’ scriptwriter speaks out about the fact that Ha Lam is pregnant

Ha Lam is pregnant with Hung’s child, betraying his teammates to become a rich wife? Source: VTV

Ha Lam pregnant with Dr. Hung?

In the preview of episode 65 of the movie Underground storm, the audience was very surprised with the detail that Lieutenant Ha Lam (played by Cao Thai Ha) was pregnant with the younger brother of the tycoon Quach Dai Duc. Specifically, when the Quach family was having a meal, Ha Lam suddenly felt nauseous and ran away.

At this time, the tycoon’s wife discovered that her future sister-in-law was pregnant and whispered to her husband, making the giant extremely happy. Because for a long time, he wanted his younger brother to have children soon to continue the line of incense. Looking at the faces of the siblings, Doctor Hung (played by Hai Le) quickly understood what was happening.

The writer of 'Underground Storm' spoke up about the fact that Ha Lam was pregnant - Photo 2.

Ha Lam holds a pregnancy test stick in her hand. Photo: TVAD

Ha Lam then trembled as she held the pregnancy test result in her hand. The pregnancy is the result after a bed with Hung. Contrary to the joy of the Quach tycoon family, Ha Lam was very shocked and worried because the pregnancy came at the right time when she realized she still had feelings for Hai Trieu (played by Ha Viet Dung), at the same time it had This could lead to serious consequences for the 5,000 heroin project that the police are investigating.

The fact that Ha Lam was pregnant made many viewers confused and even became a “hot” topic of discussion among moviegoers.

Many people wonder, how will this situation affect the film’s circuit or are these “incidents” that scouts may encounter in real life?

Nick name Ly Ly commented: “I don’t understand what’s the point of building this character, sending scouts without contributing anything, storks inhibiting viewers”.

Nickname Le Binh Hai has the same opinion: “It’s boring. Going to solve a case but falling in love and having sex with the criminal’s brother. Aren’t these kind of soldiers afraid of being disciplined? It really doesn’t matter!”.

The scriptwriter of 'Underground Storm' spoke up about the fact that Ha Lam was pregnant - Photo 3.

Writer Dao Trung Hieu – screenwriter of Underground Storm talks about the fact that Ha Lam (Cao Thai Ha) is pregnant. Photo: People of Vietnam

The scriptwriter of Underground Storm spoke out about the fact that Ha Lam was pregnant

Vietnamese people contacted writer Dao Trung Hieu – screenwriter of Underground storm to inquire about the above. Writer Dao Trung Hieu replied that, Underground storm is a fictional film and the details in the film are unlikely to happen in reality.

About the fact that Second Lieutenant Ha Lam is pregnant, this is a detail in the original novel and is only a small detail to open up more dramatic stories in the following volumes.

Through the writer’s explanation, it can be seen that in the future, the film will appear more dramatic and attractive scenes.

The scriptwriter of 'Underground Storm' spoke up about the fact that Ha Lam was pregnant - Photo 4.

Ha Lam caused controversy when she fell in love with Doctor Hung. Photo: TVAD

However, this is not the first time Cao Thai Ha’s character Ha Lam has been controversial. Before that, the audience could not help but be dissatisfied with the fact that she had begun to accept and fall in love with Dr. Hung.

At first, Ha Lam approached Hung to investigate, but then she fell in love with this wealthy, pompous doctor. Some people also think that Ha Lam’s character is wanting to leave the industry to follow the rich man, will that worsen the image of a soldier?

When receiving mixed reactions, Cao Thai Ha still calmly shared: “On my fanpage, there are also some comments, inbox reactions about Ha Lam having feelings for Dr. Hung. I think it’s because of the audience. caught up with the emotions of the characters and the details in the movie, which is a good sign.

As for the fate of Ha Lam’s character, her psychological development and actions, are determined by the scriptwriter and director. I’m an actor myself, I just have to follow the details of the script.”

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