Unveiling the brainwave reading technology Liverpool used before the Champions League final

Niklas Hausler and Patrick Hantschke are not experts in the field of football, but they are quietly contributing to the journey to the UEFA final Champions League of Liverpool.

The German duo co-founded Neuro11 – a company specializing in helping athletes improve their brain performance to improve competition performance. The brainwave reading device that Trent Alexander-Arnold uses when working out is a product of this company.

“The physical fitness of today’s players is nearing the maximum level, the next step to improve performance will be a direct impact on the brain,” Hausler commented.

Revealing the brainwave reading technology Liverpool used before the Champions League final - 1

The device that reads the brain waves that Trent Alexander-Arnold uses when practicing free kicks (Image: The Mirror)

Before cooperating with Liverpool, Neuro11 has had achievements in improving the performance of athletes in basketball, golf, darts and archery… However, Hausler and Hantschke always cherished the desire that their products be applied. used in football. Two years ago, they had the opportunity to make their dream come true when Jurgen Klopp approached.

Incumbent coach of Liverpool Known for his attention to the smallest detail. Before teaming up with Neuro11, Klopp brought in an expert to improve the quality of throw-ins. He also hired professional diving athletes to help the players improve their breathing ability when exercising with high intensity. Therefore, it is understandable that Klopp is very interested in the research of Hausler and Hantschke.

In 2019, the German strategist invited 2 fellow scientists to Merseyside to watch the match between Liverpool and Arsenal at the Confederation Cup, and at the same time negotiate on cooperation opportunities of the two sides.

“We spoke with Jurgen and Pep (Pep Lijnders – Assistant to Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool) on his research method, then conducted an experiment with a player. It seems that the results obtained have made the Liverpool leadership feel excited.

We have agreed on a cooperation plan. But then the pandemic broke out. It’s been a tough time for a new business that hasn’t been around for long.”Hausler recalls.

Revealing the brainwave reading technology Liverpool used before the Champions League final - 2

Niklas Hausler (wearing glasses) and Patrick Hantschke (Image: Twitter character)

The outbreak of COVID-19 on a global scale makes the cooperation between Liverpool and Neuro11 very difficult. It was not until August 2021 that this project continued to be implemented when Hausler and Hantschke were invited by Liverpool to the training ground before the new season in Evian (France).

“Each person has a unique brain state. Sometimes we feel relaxed, sometimes we feel anxious. Basically, everyone does.”Hausler explained.

“Our job is to analyze the players’ brains and figure out what keeps their brains in optimal shape. Sometimes the players think that this is the best approach, but the data we have gathered shows that sometimes they should focus on something they did not think about before.

Since then, we have gradually adjusted the players’ minds and nerves, giving them a tool to ensure they are not psychologically disturbed and focus on the right point in every free kick situation, even on the pitch. good training ground in the 93rd minute of the Champions League Final.

Everyone has a different psychological process. Some people focus on the ball, others pay more attention to the wall or their own posture… In general, everyone has their own factors to make them focus or distract.”Hausler said.

Unveiling the brainwave reading technology Liverpool used before the Champions League final - 3

Brain wave reading technology helps Liverpool players effectively improve fixed situations (Image: Liverpool FC)

The parameter shows that the application of brainwave reading technology is helping Liverpool improve the effectiveness of fixed situations.

According to statistics page Whoscored, The Kop have scored 19 goals from set pieces in the Premier League this season. This is the second highest achievement of the Red Brigade since Jurgen Klopp took charge, only 20 goals from set pieces in the 2018/19 season – when they won 97 points but still could not win the Premier League. League.

In the 2019/20 season, this achievement of Liverpool is 17 goals, while the 2020/21 season is 12 goals.

“Through brainwave reading, we were able to determine the player’s brain state both during and after training. We then analyze the data to find out which parameters in the thought process really help the player achieve maximum concentration.”Hausler explained.

“We are proud in many respects, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Football is like a giant picture, and we are just a small piece in it. Our research is just a workout aid like so many other things. However, Liverpool welcomed us with a warm and dynamic atmosphere. They are very professional but still feel like a family.”said Hantschke.

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