US police suspected of delay in shootings in Texas

Juan Carranza, 24, who lives across the street from the school, told the AP that several women shouted to police: Get in there! Get in there! But according to Carranza, the police officers did not go inside.

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Victim families. (Photo: AP)

Meanwhile, Mr. Javier Cazares – whose daughter Jacklyn Cazares died in the attack – said he ran to the school immediately after hearing the information and saw police still gathered outside the building.

Frustrated that the police did not go inside, he planned to enter with a few others.

“I wanted to jump in because the police were not doing what they were supposed to do. They could have done more… They weren’t fully prepared.”I said.

Carranza witnessed 18-year-old suspect Salvador Ramos plunge his truck into a ditch outside the school, grab an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle and shoot at two people outside (who fled in time). and uninjured).

Meanwhile, officials say the suspect “confronted” a security officer outside the school. After running inside, the attacker shot and wounded two Uvalde policemen. Then he burst into a classroom and started killing people.

According to Police Lt. Christopher Olivarez, the suspect locked the door and began shooting people inside the classroom. “That shows his cruelty”, he said. All the students who died were in the same class.

Local public safety chief Steve McCraw added that the time from when Ramos opened fire on the security guard until he was shot was about 40 minutes to an hour. However, according to an agency spokesman, they cannot give a firm estimate of how long the gunman was on campus or when he was shot dead.

“The bottom line is that law enforcement was there. They joined immediately. They controlled (the attacker) in the classroom”Mr. McCraw said.

Another unnamed source told AP that the patrol officers may have had difficulty opening the classroom door, and had to have someone else open the room with the key.

According to witness Carranza, the officers should have entered the school earlier. “They had many people and he was alone,” I said.

The local government added that before attacking the school, Ramos shot and injured his grandmother.

Investigators have yet to release a motive for Ramos’ attack. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the suspect was a resident of the town with no criminal history or mental illness.

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