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US Secretary of State: China is trying to reshape the world order

US Secretary of State: China is trying to reshape the world order - Photo 1.

US Secretary of State Blinken in a speech at George Washington University on May 26 – Photo: AFP

“We are not looking for conflict or a new cold war. On the contrary, we are determined to avoid both,” Secretary of State Blinken said in a 45-minute speech at George Washington University (USA) on May 26. 5.

The content of the speech covered most of the controversial bilateral issues between the US and China China in the past time. The head of the US State Department acknowledged that China will become a “test” for US foreign policy to an unprecedented degree and this decade will be a decisive time.

“We do not seek to prevent China from acting as a great power, nor do we prevent China – or any other country from developing its economy or advancing the interests of its people,” he said. .

However, according to Blinken, China should abide by international rules and that Washington wants to protect the global order, including international laws and agreements, because this will help all countries – including including the US and China – “can coexist and cooperate”.

Blinken’s speech coincided with the start of a major visit by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the Pacific island nations, an increasingly tense front in the competition for influence between Beijing and Washington. .

“China is the only country intent on reshaping the international order and increasingly has the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do so,” he warned.

According to the US secretary of state, the administration of President Joe Biden is ready to increase direct communication with Beijing on many issues and will “react positively” if Chinese officials take action to address the concerns of the Chinese government. America.

However, the US does not expect China to change its behavior on its own. Washington will therefore seek to shape the strategic environment around Beijing to promote “an open and inclusive international system”.

Regarding Taiwan, the US secretary of state said that the US remains committed to respecting the One China principle, does not support Taipei independence, but will continue to support the self-defence capabilities of the island.

In a statement after the speech, the Chinese Embassy in the US urged Washington not to see bilateral relations as mere competition.

Embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu warned that both the US and China lose in confrontation, but will benefit from cooperation.

“We hope the US side will work with China to seriously implement the common understanding reached by the two leaders to strengthen communication, manage differences, and focus on cooperation,” Liu said. call.

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