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Vietnam is among the highest coal consuming countries in the region

Coal consumption in Vietnam is currently the highest in the region

Recently, in the report “Equal energy transition in Southeast Asia – the impact of coal removal on jobs” of the International Labor Organization (ILO) said that Vietnam is one of five countries economic has highest coal consumption in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is among the highest coal consumers in the region - Photo 1.

Coal-fired power plants in the total power scheme VII and VIII are large, making domestic coal consumption very large.

According to the ILO, coal is the most carbon-containing fossil fuel. Rapid phase-out of this fuel is essential to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the top 5 economies with the highest coal consumption in Southeast Asia. In this region, coal consumption has increased by 150% over the past 20 years, with coal’s share of total power generation capacity increasing from 27% in 2010 to 43% in 2019.

In which, Indonesia and Vietnam are important coal producing countries, while the Philippines is heavily dependent on coal imports. All three countries are vulnerable to climate change.

However, the ILO also believes that any gradual phase-out of coal use in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam must follow steps to create new jobs and livelihoods to replace jobs and livelihoods. lost in the hardest hit areas.

The report highlights that while Southeast Asia is likely to lose less than half a million jobs in the fossil fuel sector by 2050, the region could create up to 5 million jobs mainly in the fossil fuel sector. recycled energy.

However, job losses due to the closure of mines in coal-dependent areas, as well as loss of jobs indirectly related to this industry will have a negative impact on the labor market, the economy and the economy. economy and livelihoods of local communities.

The ILO’s recommendations are made in the context that Vietnam is developing a draft national electricity development plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045 (Power Plan VIII). Accordingly, the Power Plan VIII aims to overcome the remaining shortcomings in the structure of power sources, reduce coal power, increase renewable energy in order to follow Vietnam’s commitments at COP26 in order to “achieve emissions net zero by 2050”.

In addition, the supply of coal for power generation in recent years has also encountered some problems. Due to the lack of coal supply and low inventory, by the end of March 2022, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) said that many coal-fired power plants in the system had to be stopped and deflated.

Specifically, at that time, the Nghi Son 1, Vung Ang 1, Vinh Tan 2, Duyen Hai 1 thermal power plants only had enough coal to operate one unit at 60-70% capacity; Hai Phong thermal power plant only has enough coal to operate for 1 of 4 units. As a result, the entire national power system is short of more than 3,000 MW of coal-fired power due to the lack of coal for power production.

Meanwhile, the coal mining There are also difficulties in the country because coal mines are increasingly exploited deep down, the level of risks in the mining process increases… also affect the coal industry in the coming time.

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