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Vietnam volleyball after the 31st SEA Games: Gold medal is just… a dream?

Before the 31st SEA Games volleyball competition at Dai Yen Gymnasium (Quang Ninh), the Vietnam Volleyball Federation has set a bonus of 1 billion VND for each volleyball team in 2 events for men and women if won gold medal. This shows that Vietnamese volleyball hopes to surpass the threshold to achieve the highest level of success when playing at home.

At that time, veteran journalist Nguyen Luu analyzed: “In the men’s content, Indonesia has reached the Asian level. They have also won against Japan, China, and Korea, ranking high on the rankings. world.

Vietnam volleyball after the 31st SEA Games: Gold medal is just... a dream?  - Photo 1.

Vietnam’s men’s volleyball cannot surprise Indonesia at the 31st SEA Games. Cong Dat (VNA)

Indonesian men’s volleyball plays very virtual, there are really high-class athletes. Therefore, it is difficult for the Vietnamese men’s team to beat this opponent.

As for the women’s content, although the Thai women’s team no longer has 6 pillars to help them “make rain and wind” at the previous SEA Games, the Thai people still have extremely high-class and limited young players. Their just lack of experience. However, this is still a huge barrier for the Vietnamese women’s team.”

The reality of competing at the 31st SEA Games shows that Vietnamese volleyball in both men’s and women’s content is still inferior in terms of expertise compared to the two friends. The men’s team had explosive moments, especially the suffocating 3-2 victory over Thailand in the semi-finals. But then, when we met Indonesia again in the final, we quickly lost 0-3 (the group stage lost 1-3).

Similarly, the Vietnamese women’s team in the round-robin competition for tickets to the final (since there are only 5 teams competing, the top 2 teams in this round will play the final) lost somewhat unfortunately 1-3 to Thailand. Lan. But when we rematched in the final, we easily lost 0-3 with a very obvious inferiority.

Vietnam volleyball after the 31st SEA Games: Gold medal is just... a dream?  - Photo 2.

Vietnam women’s volleyball lost to Thailand in both encounters at SEA Games 31. Photo: Anh Tuan (VNA)

Evaluating the two silver medals of Vietnamese volleyball, journalist Viet Cuong said: “In my opinion, indoor volleyball has completed the set goal, when both men’s and women’s teams won silver. In which, the team Men after the disastrous 30th SEA Games (eliminated right from the group stage) played well at this congress, especially the spectacular victory over Thailand in the semi-finals.

However, it is worth mentioning that in the two finals, the men’s team lost quickly and easily to Indonesia, while the women’s team lost weakly to the Thais. Remember, this is already the 10th final loss of Vietnam’s “volleyball players” against Thailand. Even in the confrontations, we only won 1 set against them and that is a sad milestone.”

When asked when Vietnamese volleyball will win a gold medal at the SEA Games or at least compete fairly, journalist Viet Cuong emphasized: “This is probably an unanswered question and somewhat unanswered. that is the deadlock.

The key problem as a paradox is that although Vietnamese volleyball has long had the conditions and resources thanks to socialization, it has not been able to take advantage of that to promote well and create a reasonable development. The national championship is of low quality with an old organization method. The field of training young people is weak and spontaneous. Some rare young talents can be fostered in a good way or not.

Vietnam volleyball after the 31st SEA Games: Gold medal is just... a dream?  - Photo 3.

Journalist Viet Cuong. Photo: FBNV

In addition, the national team training is seasonal, lacking strategy, direction and identity. Our teams lack international competition, not to mention the lack of a full-time coach.”

Closing the issue, journalist Viet Cuong affirmed: “In my opinion, it is time for Vietnamese volleyball to change radically and comprehensively. The main responsibility of this job certainly belongs to the Vietnam Volleyball Federation.” .

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