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What is the way modern women enjoy a happy lifestyle?

Be responsible for your “happiness”

Happiness for modern women is a life attitude that they can choose without being dependent on surrounding factors. They can completely reconcile the love for themselves and their family to enjoy a truly happy life. Modern women are always active, confident and actively change themselves to become better every day.

A sociological study with the topic “Current Vietnamese women’s conception of happiness” has shown that, 5 out of 11 factors selected by modern women have the most important impact on happiness. happiness includes: good health, rich spiritual life; have time to rest and relax; Success in life; and have an education.

In other words, today’s generation of modern women see health as the key to a happy life. They spend more time listening to themselves, giving themselves space to rest, exercise or play.

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Modern woman is always proactive and responsible for her happiness

Understanding that, Panasonic Vietnam, the leading Japanese brand pioneering in providing comprehensive healthy living solutions, has accompanied modern women in their journey to conquer happiness by making changes. small daily to live more active and healthy. The challenge “Diary of 14 days of being happy and healthy” is one of such close and practical meaningful activities.

Positive habits in 14 days make life happier

The challenge “Diary of 14 days of being happy and healthy with Panasonic” records the journey of establishing and maintaining better daily living habits of many modern women. During the 14-day challenge, they will choose any healthy lifestyle activities, do them, record them with photos or short videos, and then share them on their personal pages.

An interesting thing about this challenge is the diversity in each participant’s “healthy life” stories. There are “healthy” role models that have been trained for a long time, there are also characters who experience and challenge themselves to exercise regularly, live a balanced life and be surprised by the results. the sweetness that life brings. Those honest sharing every day has been inspiring many other women, everywhere, about a positive attitude, always happy and healthy, and responsible for their own happiness.

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Daily activities of happy and healthy living are widely spread on social networks

Accordingly, this challenge quickly attracted a large number of participants with thousands of entries across the country and became a “trend” that many people shared and spread positively on social networks in recent days. . The seemingly simple daily activities become much more interesting when they are spread to many people, and together they “emulate” to perform regularly every day. Sometimes happiness comes from small meaningful things every day, maintain healthy living habits to spread happiness to your loved ones!

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The 14-day healthy living challenge received the participation of a large number of people

With more than 50 years of persistence bringing many healthy living solutions to Vietnamese people, Panasonic has been accompanying Vietnamese families to build a more comfortable and happier life. Through the “Happy and Healthy 14 Days Diary Challenge”, Panasonic wishes to bring more positive changes every day, not only meaningful gifts being given, but also helping millions of Vietnamese families build a healthy lifestyle. healthy and happy way of life.

Let’s join Panasonic’s 14 Days of Good Health Diary Challenge here Please!

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