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Who is Liu Bang’s “one-night love” born of the famous emperor of the Han Dynasty?

Liu Bang was the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty. Coming from a peasant class, Liu Bang is considered one of the most famous emperors in Chinese history.

In his illustrious life, Han Cao To Luu Bang had many beauties. However, the beauty that was once considered “invisible” in the harem but could give birth to a “heavenly son” had only one. That was Bo Co (? – 155 BC). Bo Co is also known as Lady Bo, one of Liu Bang’s concubines. She was the mother of Han Van De Luu Hang, the 5th emperor of the Han Dynasty.

The “invisible” beauty became the emperor’s mother


Although Bac Co has beauty, he is not favored by Luu Bang. Photo: Sohu

Before being Liu Bang’s concubine, Bo Co was the concubine of Wei Vuong Bao. Bo Co was once told by a fortune teller that he would give birth to a “son of heaven”. After hearing the news, Wei Vuong Bao decided not to fight with Liu Bang. As a result, Wei King Bao was defeated by Liu Bang. After that, Luu Bang loaded Bo Co as his concubine.

Despite her beauty, Bo Co was not graced, almost an “invisible” person in Luu Bang’s harem.

Meanwhile, there were two concubines of Wei Vuong Bao who joined the palace with Bo Co, the wife of Quan and Trieu Tu Nhi, and were favored. All three had previously made a promise that whoever had grace would not forget the rest. But these two people abandoned Bo Co.

In the 4th year, ie 203 BC, when Han Cao To was at Cao Linh Dai, Lady Guan and Zhao Zi’er followed. The two chatted and joked about their old promise with Bo Co.


After knowing the story, Luu Bang felt pity, so he blessed Bo Co for one night. Photo: Sohu

Han Cao To Luu Bang heard that, so he asked about the calculation. Knowing the story and feeling pity, that night, Luu Bang called Bo Co to be a blessing. On that night, Bo Co told Luu Bang: “Last night, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that there was a spear dragon on my stomach”. After hearing this, Liu Bang laughed loudly and thought that this was a precious and auspicious omen.

Unexpectedly, after that night, Bo Co became pregnant and then gave birth to Luu Hang, the 4th prince of Han Cao To Luu Bang.

In 196 BC, after pacifying the traitors in the Northern Dai country, Han Cao To Luu Bang established Luu Hang (then only 6 years old) as Dai King, stationed the capital in Jinyang.

Beauty becomes the first Thai Empress Dowager

One year later (in 195 BC), Han Cao To died, Crown Prince Doanh, son of Empress Lu, ascended the throne, ie Han Hue Emperor. At that time, the great power of the Han Dynasty was in the hands of Empress Dowager La.

Empress Dowager La took action to suppress the concubines who were once favored by Liu Bang. Especially, Lady Thich was brutally killed by La Hau. In addition, this empress dowager persecuted many princes who were the sons of Liu Bang.

At that time, because he wanted to avoid conflicts, Bo Co begged to leave the palace to return to the land with his son Luu Hang. Because she had never offended, Empress Dowager La agreed to let Bo Co go to Dai with her son. Thanks to that, Bo Co was released from the palace, lived in peace, became the Great Queen Dowager and lived with her son.

After Empress Dowager Lu died in 180 BC, the court officials also overthrew the rule of the Lu family. After that, they discussed which son of Han Cao To Luu Bang should take the throne. After deliberation, they found that Luu Hang, Bo Co’s only son, was the most suitable person to succeed him.


Liu Hang ascended the throne and honored his mother as the Empress Dowager. Photo: Sohu

In the same year, Luu Hang became emperor at the age of 23, known as Han Van De. Thanks to that, Bo Co was also honored as the Empress Dowager.

By this time, the old saying that Bo Co had given birth to a “heavenly son” had finally come true. Han Van De is considered by history books to be a wise king when he was able to establish and rule the Han Dynasty to become peaceful and prosperous. The time he and his son, Han Canh Emperor Luu Khai, ruled, was called “reign of Van Canh”.


Liu Hang is famous as a filial son to Empress Dowager Bo. Legend has it that when his mother was sick, every time he took medicine, he tasted it first and then gave it to his mother. Photo: Sohu

Emperor Van Luu Hang was very filial and obedient to Empress Dowager Bo. Even before his death, he also instructed Empress Dou and her children to be filial and obedient to Empress Dowager Bo.

After Emperor Han died in 157 BC, Crown Prince Luu Khai ascended the throne, taking the title Han Canh De. He enthroned Bo Co as the Empress Dowager Empress Dowager. She was also the first person to be crowned Empress Dowager in China’s history.

Two years later (155 BC), Bo Co died and was interred in Bac Lang, the mausoleum located south of Ba Lang, where her son Emperor Han Wen was laid to rest.

During the reign of Emperor Quang Vu, Emperor Luu Tu, Bo Co was posthumously honored as Empress Cao and was later interred with Han Cao To in the Truong Tomb.

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